Deposit Down!

Well, here we go!

I have decided to start a blog (as you can see) about my (up coming) adventures. What adventures you ask?
Please allow me to elucidate…

A few months ago Byron took on a huge endeavor – a new job heading up & building up a new retail store – for his pal Joel. This is a full time, and sometimes beyond full time job for Mr. Knight. He works day and night and day again. He is loving it!
Oh yeah, the job is in Los Angeles. Los Angeles! That’s a little farther than BART goes, but he has become a commuter anyway- from Oakland to L.A. on a plane. Southwest Airlines is going to send him a thankyou card real soon. Don’t worry though, he won’t have to do it for too much longer.
Byron is selling the house on 70th Avenue. I can’t lie and say that this doesn’t make me a little sad. I love that house and the fun times I have had there. Both Byron and I have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into our little oasis in the getto. And that’s just building the Ikea beds.
But as someone dead and famous once said – all good things must come to an end.

That’s the thing with endings…they make room for new beginnings.

This means a pretty big change for me as well. I realized that I have a sweet opportunity here. This window of time will never be open for me again. I have no real attachments – no husband, no kids, no perfect job that I can’t bear to leave and no house to pay a mortgage on. I am totally free. So…

I have decided to take a month long course and get my TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) Certificate. This will allow me to work as a teacher almost anywhere in the world, almost. (I can’t get a job in the states! A- Holes!)

I leave for Prague in October, and if all goes well I’ll be staying there (or Paris, or Italy, or Indonesia…) for a while. I am as excited as that kid on the American Idol finale who met Clay Akin, and as scared as Clay Akin was meeting that kid. But this will be a good thing for me and a HUGE adventure. The deposit was made today, (in EUROS!) so it is really happening.

I’ll be keeping a blog (this one) while I am there to keep you all updated on my adventures. I know it’s a little early for it yet, but I figure this will save me lot’s of phone calls and emails and save those of you who don’t care what I am doing from having to get those phone calls and read those emails!

So please save this link and check in often. Again, I don’t leave till October, so we still have time for movies, margaritas, karaoke and other forms of merriment.


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