Difficult to see. Always in Motion is the future.

Change is in the air. It seems to be everywhere these days. People are breaking up right and left. Folks are not just quitting their jobs, but changing careers completely. I have friends that are moving to London and friends that are moving to Scotland! Me? Well I am up and moving to Prague, as you well know. Forward motion. Maybe it is Global Warming. Maybe my horoscope is right, it says…

In this extremely important period of your life, you must pay very close attention to what you are doing, because you are beginning a new phase of activity that will have important consequences in the years to come. The difficult aspect of this time is that the process is very subtle, and it may not be obvious that what you do now is important.
You have just gone through a period of preparation that probably seemed like treading water, getting nowhere and accomplishing nothing. Some people may experience the time just before this influence as exceedingly difficult, with one defeat after another. Others will find it less difficult, but it will not seem terribly significant.
This is the end of a relatively low period in your life, and from now on you will gradually climb to the most significant time in your life.
You should be looking to your personal and domestic life, for this is an area of great responsibility for you now. Do not neglect it in a misguided attempt to get ahead in your professional life. Make whatever changes are necessary so that this aspect of your life is secure. Personal relationships may have broken up just before this time. Now you may have the opportunity to make new ones that will fit your new lifestyle better.
You are on your way up again. The future depends upon the foundation that you lay now.

Weird huh?

I was dining al fresco with my good friend Heather, who herself has just become a FIRE FIGHTER, and she said to me: “You are going on a Yoda mission”. A Yoda mission. I immediately knew what she meant. I was about to embark on a journey that would change my world, my life and the way I see everything around me. I would be like Luke Skywalker and learn how to see even when blind folded. My horoscope confirmed it. Wasn’t Yoda that said “Only different in your mind. You must unlearn what you have learned.” Damn I love that little green dude.

I have to admit that lately I have been a little overwhelmed by my current situation and the state of my union. I mean I have been living day after day after day, in search of that shifty character called meaning, and his slippery little friend beauty. I often get that anxious or desolate feeling that I am wasting my time doing things that just don’t matter in the long run. Things that don’t make the world a better place, or make me a better person. I have sought out people that are chasing the same things – or so I thought.

What do you do when the people you look to for spiritual guidance and companionship let you down? It’s like if one day Yoda turned to Luke and said, “You know what young Skywalker? I think I am going to bail on this whole force thing, I mean what good is it really doing. No, I think I am going to try my little green hand at getting on one of those reality shows. It’s time that Yoda made a little money. I am moving back to Dagoba and I am going to sell the old light saber to the highest bidder. What thinks you, young Skywalker?”
“I think you are moving backwards you little green bastard!” And Luke proceeds to freak out.

And that’s kind of how I feel right now. I feel like the rug is being pulled out from under me. Oh wait. It is. Literally I have to roll up all the rugs and put them in the garage – But I mean it more philosophically. How can I continue to respect people in my life when they go about living a life that is disconnected from anything that matters, disconnected from anything with a sense of awe, when they abandon the force for prime time?! Is it really too much to ask that your circle of friends reach for a life that is full of wonder? Maybe it is.

Luke had his own journey – he had to realize where he came from before he could live the life he was meant to lead – and kinda make out with his sister in the process. But maybe that is the lesson here. I am on my own journey and I have to discover my own truth, and maybe what looked so clear on one planet will prove to be false in the light from another star.
I’ll leave with this thought from my good friend Uncle Yoda … may the force be with you.


3 thoughts on “Difficult to see. Always in Motion is the future.

  1. Alicia. You make some interesting but obscure references to friends and others who have possibly sold out. You didn’t actually specify this in your note, but I am curious to know what or who you mean…–Frenchy

  2. Alicia. You make some interesting but obscure references to friends and others who have possibly sold out. You didn’t actually specify this in your note, but I am curious to know what or who you mean…–Frenchy

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