Please Fasten Your Seatbelt

Passport? Check.
Suitcase? Check.
220v adapter? Check.
Trashy magazines? Check.

All of my proverbial travel ducks are in a row. At this time tomorrow I will be on a plane bound for London. That’s jolly old London to you bitch. I’ll be sleeping about now, perhaps dreaming of tiny gymnasts riding tigers through fields of bright pink pumpkins. (What? You know how dreams are.) I’ll be tucked, and buckled into my assigned seat trying to get comfy while moving rapidly away from familiarity. With each trip to the airborne bathroom I will be that much closer to a new life. There will be a vacant spot in a boy’s bed that used to be mine (the boy and the bed). I will be somebody’s new friend and somebody’s (cool) new roommate.

I have been fantasizing about my departure. In my head it looks like a scene from a Cameron Crow film. I get dropped off at an incredibly empty, beautifully lit airport and suddenly, “Let My Love Open the Door” starts playing. I get seated in an empty row and thoughtfully look out the window as the plane takes me away to a new life. I am fashionably dressed of course, not to mention thin and drop dead gorgeous. That’s how it works in the movies – the right song is always swelling up through the Dolby sound system, true love always wins out, hope is always a plane ride away, and there is never a line at security. The movies never show the difficult parts of leaving. We didn’t get to see Ingrid Bergman packing her steamer trunk in “Casablanca” wondering if she had remembered her toothbrush or if she had made the right decision. Dorothy never had to take off her ruby slippers for security, or even check in her dog before she flew back to good old Kansas.

In real life you get dropped off at the curb with a quick hug and kiss if you are lucky.

Yeah, I’m nervous. I am about to have a life full of surprises. Everyday will hold something new for me. It’s an odd thing to think of waking up and NOT knowing what the day will hold. Don’t we kind of go through the day, through the week, on autopilot? Wake up, shower, drive to work, eat lunch, etc… Think how strange it would feel to wake up and not have a clue what comes next. That’s how I feel. I really don’t know what to expect.

Deep breath.

Czech? Check.

And away we go.


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