He Came Singing Songs of Love…

My entire class got wasted last night. Between us, we all got to sleep at various points between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. Going to my first day of class hung over was not what I had in mind, but it is sure what happened. I just wish I remembered HOW it happened!

I started the day innocent enough. I woke up, showered and took the hike to the grocery store. And when I say hike – I mean HIKE. I’m talking about a mile up a steep hill equipped with two sets of stairs. It’s no joke. Anyway, when I returned from my trip, my roommates were just waking up. We had to meet Voyta our 19-year-old, kind of dim, “tour guide” and take a walking tour of Prague. This would be the first time I would meet all of the people in the class. I was eager to see who else would be there, but to be honest, I had already made some friends and I was fine.

The tour took us to Prague Castle and across the Charles Bridge. Our tour guide didn’t know anything so I took it upon myself to fill everyone in on the history and fun facts of what we were seeing. Hey, once a tour guide always a tour guide. The castle was amazing, but it was Sunday and it was really crazy with tourists. I tool some pictures since it was a beautiful day, but promised myself I would go back when I could really take it all in. Some things, and some people, are too beautiful and are just bound to ruin you.

As we were walking away from the castle and towards the bridge we encountered an old man playing a crazy looking instrument. He was the picture of a little old European man. He was singing what my new friend Ben referred to as, “a haunting” song. We stood there and listened for a minute. I was pretty intrigued by the little old guy and his weird, trance like music. It was then that I remembered a story my friend Steph told me about being on the Charles Bridge and seeing a weird street guy. She said she always regretted not buying the thing he was selling. I hate regret. So, we all decided to pitch in and buy his CD. We talked to him and found out that the instrument was a Hurdy Gurdy! How cool is that? I met the Hurdy Gurdy Man!

We saw the Astronomical Clack and then the tour was over. I was ready to be away from such a big group. I would go into detail about what happened in the next four hours, but really, do you care? Long story short, we ended up at a pub. I was ready to go home early, but we had acquired a new friend who had the misfortune of being stuck in one of the shit holes I got out of. We all felt sorry for him. He hadn’t met anyone or gone out yet. We could tell that he really wanted to go to a pub and hang out. I understood. It really sucks feeling that isolated in a strange place.

Well…one Gambrinus turned into four very quickly. It’s amazing how that happens! You go out for one beer and the next thing you know – Vince is in the parking lot with his pants off! But I digress. Half way through that fourth beer we got the call that would change our fate. Voyta called and said, “Everyone is here drinking! Everyone wants to know where you are? Come meet us!” Well, I don’t need to tell you that the four of us immediately felt like the popular kids. Our drunken little minds decided that we had to go and party with everyone else. I mean, they were ASKING for us! We had to go! Our egos fed and our bellies sloshing with beer, we made our way through the winding cobbled streets of Prague. We met Voyta in front of the Astronomical clock and he led us to our fans – I mean classmates.

Big mistake. We got drunk. We smoked reefer. And…we ended up – some how – at a tittie bar. Don’t ask. Seriously. I just remember at some point we were following some Germans who were taking our picture. That’s right a bunch of loaded Americans stumbling through the streets of Prague at 2a.m. Following a bunch of drunk Germans. Good times. Oh, and at this point when I say we, I’m talking about fifteen to twenty people. Uh huh.

When one of my roommates (Mollie) led us to the tittie bar, we called it a night. And our group was dissipating at amazing speeds. We were dropping off like flies. Some went home. Some just wandered off, and some…well we just hoped to see them in class the next morning.

8:15 came mighty early I must say. In my drunken stupor I volunteered to wake everyone up. I hate being responcible.

And I guess that’s where you came in. A room full of hung over Americans on their first day of TEFL training. I think we were a little in shock when we learned that we would be up in front of a (real) class the very next day. Teaching real students who don’t understand a word.

So, I’m just listening to some Hurdy Gurdy music and sipping some Tullamore Dew, hoping it will all be good tomorrow.



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