It’s the Hung Over Pumpkins Charlie Brown!

Today is Halloween, my favorite holiday in all of Holiday Land. You can take your turkey and stuffing, your tinsel and elves – I’ll take a bag of candy, zombies and spooky costumes every time. I love the whole spectacle of the thing. Here in Prague, Halloween is not such a big deal. There are enough expats here for some clubs to host Halloween parties, but that’s it. Most of the parties happened last weekend and I was too hung over to go to them. But I did manage to squeeze in some festive fun.

I had been looking forward to Saturday for a couple of weeks. A restaurant called Bohemian Bagel was hosting a Halloween party where you could carve pumpkins and watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” I know! Summer, Brent and I had reserved a couple of pumpkins to carve. We felt pretty cool…except for the dehydration.

The place was lousy with cute little tykes all dressed up for trick or treats. We saw a Spiderman, a cat and about nine princesses. There was a big ol’ pile of pumpkins and the three of us, very judiciously I might add, picked out two of the finest pumpkins available. One pumpkin was small and squatty and the other long and lean – the Abbott and Costello of pumpkins. Once we got to our table the wacky fun ensued. I have carved a few pumpkins in my life, but not one has been as gratifying as this. There is something about being in a new place with new friends that just made the whole experience really freaking cool.

Right away Summer decided to give the long one a lobotomy. Seriously, she cut about 1/3 of the guy’s head off. We all decided to go with the theme of Lobotomy and made him quite jacked up: miss matched eyes, missing teeth and his brains spilling out over his lid. The other little guy was just a traditional evil Jack O Lantern. He’s pretty cute.

You want a great social magnet? Walk around the streets of Prague with a couple of Jack O Lanterns. I’m not kidding, the three of us had to keep passing off the pumpkins to make sure that we all had a turn with the little guys. A family of Portuguese tourists took a picture with us and a nice German couple wanted to go to what ever party we were going to. These were some popular pumpkins! We thought it would be fun to take their picture at some tourist spots, so we walked over to the square and sat them on a bench in front of the famous statue that I have a really derogatory name for.

The three – excuse me – five of us made our way to a little pub for some hair of the dog. We were quite pleased with ourselves and needed a little respite from the rain. It was at this point that the plans to go see the Blaq Mummy’s traditional Halloween show came to a halt. Between the three of us, I think that we might have been able to complete a sentence. We thought about it and decided it would be a better idea to get a couple of bottles of wine and cook dinner back at the villa. Pumpkins in hand, we made our way back into the rain and into the supermarket.

Dinner was divine. Our Jack O Lanterns burning bright, we dined on tri colored pasta in tomato sauce and some fresh veggies thrown in for good measure. It is kind of difficult to find spices in the Czech Republic, so we have learned to adapt to a less flavorful meal. Once dinner was complete it was time to watch a movie. Of course I brought my DVD collection with me, and am so glad I did! We have already watched 40-Year-Old Virgin and Footloose. Tonight my twenty-something friends would be indoctrinated into the cult of Joan Crawford. Not one of them knew who Joan Crawford was or had ever seen the bestest movie like…ever! Mommie Dearest. The greatest horror movie of all time.

Armed with Summer’s stovetop popcorn, we began the drama. Needless to say, they were stunned. It had been about three bottles of wine, which is about right for a MD viewing. My roomies (one of whom, incidentally, named Christina) found it both disturbing and funny. They didn’t understand why I was laughing at child abuse. I tried to explain the B – Movie quality of the film, and how over the top lines like, “I’m not mad at you Helga, I’m mad at the DIRT!” are. I think they liked it – except for maybe Christina who I think was scared by the experience. It happens.

So tonight is All Hallow’s Eve and I have no big plans. I have to teach class tomorrow and after, I have to teach a one hour-long single student session. Both of these require lesson plans that are both only in the planning stages. So I guess I’ll be a teacher for Halloween and go trick – or – treating at the villa.


2 thoughts on “It’s the Hung Over Pumpkins Charlie Brown!

  1. Ah the smell of spooky ooky creatures in the air, yes Dappy Dalloween to you! I thought about you on our favorite holiday and wondered if the slammy was by your side. O…M….G, the wickedly smart Oxygen channel showed Mommy Dearest and the glory of “Why did you adopt me” rang through my house and made me giggle with delight! Okay, they’ve never seen it? At last I’m one up on someone on the movie front. Oh Yoda, you must be so proud of me. What’s next, Army of Darkness? Oh, or The Bad Seed? Oh oh or the worst one of all, Showgirls? LOL tee hee, dappy dalloweeeeeen!

  2. halloween’s 2006! what the? why are all these kids fighting? if another crazy person sits by me in this subway I’m gonna freak out! I would surely exchange a walk through Prague with the five of you beautiful spirits for the gluttony of soulless enterprise that I was unlucky enough to be exposed to. on the plus side it was scary! Happy Halloweeeeen!

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