As I write this, the dye is soaking into my hair. I hope it turns out all right. I have never colored my hair in a foreign country before. If my lovely friend Jen was here, she could do my hair with the same rock n’ roll flare of which I have become accustomed. But, as she is not, I am forced to take matters into my own plastic gloved hands. I waited as absolutely long as I could, but I couldn’t take it any more. I was starting to look like a real Czech person. And by that I mean crazy dye jobs on shag haircuts. So, in about fifteen minutes I will be done. I went to my (new) local market and got a nice bottle of Merlot for the occasion. I’m pretty sure my hair will be the same color as the wine. Bottoms up! I’ll try to do a little before and after action
For those of you wondering about my job situation, it as follows. I don’t have one. I have two – TWO – interviews on Tuesday, so I am hopeful. I had an interview scheduled for yesterday as well, but the jack hole canceled on me…at the time of the interview…by text message…because he left something on the stove. Uh huh. Only two of the folks staying here have jobs and only one of those two has actually worked. So I think I am doing all right. I am just a little concerned about money. I had to hemorrhage out all I had to get my new place. Sigh. Such is life right?

Ok… five minutes to go.

I am such a bad ass! It looks the same as when I first got it colored! Kick ass baby! Man I was worried, but all is well. I am pretty good at adapting. Just go with the flow man. I was getting a little irritated with some of my classmates complaining that they couldn’t get organic fruit, their favorite shampoo or the right thread count for the sheets. Shit man, did you come here to have a new experience, or to have the same experience in a new place. Some people were complaining about the cold. I had to wonder if they understood where Prague was. In all honesty, there is really nothing you can’t get here that you might need. It might not be the same as back in the states, but it will be pretty damn close.

Heck, I just colored my hair with Feria dye, shampooed with Granier, washed my face with Neutrogena and applied a little Dove lotion to my parched skin. All of those products were purchased in Prague. So what if a salad here has no lettuce in it? Learn to live with it and learn to love it.It’s 4:00pm and it’s getting dark. Something that I am getting used too, but that’s adaptation my dears.

I think I’ll chill out with my bottle of Merlot and a book.


4 thoughts on “Adaptation

  1. “…did you come here to have a new experience, or to have the same experience in a new place” Very well put!! (double exclamation point cause I know you love that) BTW, hair looks fab and I wish you luck on your interviews with your fabulous self.

  2. Wow, cool pics Alicia. I love the one with the coffee cup. They new pad looks very nice too. I’m so glad to hear that things are looking up, big change from your first night in Prague right?

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