Two new movies…or new for me.

Okay, I’ll make this totally short. If you have not gone to see Casino Royal – do so. He is hot and makes ALL other James Bond’s – that’s right ALL OTHER – look like pussies. Nuff said.

Now Borat. Holy Crap! So,fake journalist Borat travels to real America for a fake documentary playing tricks on real people (society dinners, rodeo crowds, drunk frat boys, Pentecostal church services), who, in turn, frequently call real security or even realer police or just attack him. All in the service of satirizing “cultural learnings.” And then, off camera, the production somehow manages to get them all to sign release forms so that the movie doesn’t have to pixel out anyone’s face. How’d he do that?!

I’m in awe over how incredibly, screamingly funny and brutally on-point this movie is. You will have to hoist your jaw up off the floor on several occasions. Seriously, not much shocks me kids, but the 3:00am footage when he is trapped in a nest of…well you’ll just have to see it for your self. Or when he wrestles his producer and “operator of camera machine” Azamat. Naked. And then they crash a business convention banquet. Naked. Yep. Those Jack Ass boy’s ain’t got nothing on Borat. I swear, he takes it to the limit and then goes about two miles over that. Thank you.

Oh, and Pam Anderson, showing up as herself is laugh outloud funny also – And there’s no way she couldn’t have been in on the joke. And if she wasn’t, then she’s the best sport in the world.


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