No, I Don’t Have a Job Yet

Prague is a difficult place to be afflicted with self-doubt. Can I do this? Should I do this? The darkness of the city seems to echo those thoughts sometimes. The city itself seems to wonder what you are doing walking it’s streets day after day, looking for something. More and more I see that we (the six of us) are trying to pass the time in different ways, but always the same ways: Internet café’s, looking for work, drinking, writing post cards and cooking. The seconds tick the time away as the days get shorter and shorter. I know that soon I will long for these days with nothing but a good book and a bottle of wine, but right now it seems unending. I need to work and feel purposeful. My purpose now seems to be looking for a purpose and wondering how the hell I got here.

Not in a bad way. I just don’t know how to put into words the feeling that we all get sometimes while walking around, looking out of our window or just reading the worn map of Praha that lives on our walls or stuffed in our backpacks. I can’t explain what it feels like to suddenly decide to live a new life – complete with new career. All I can say is that it is mind blowing, fantastic and exhausting. I was sitting in my kitchen last night with Ginny Blair and had a wave of it…that feeling. She knew exactly what I was talking about. We smiled and laughed knowing that no one will ever know this experience. It is ours. Even my complete documentation of the events will not serve well enough. Nobody can see us or know what this is like for us. We are all here in the same boat hoping that we can keep it on the big blue. With no life savor you try your best to float.

Is this sounding morbid? I hope not. I am having a swell time here, and have met some folks that I know will be in my life until my lil’ heart decides it’s tired of pumping. The adventures and new experiences are to numerous to recite. For the first time in my life I am living with three (3!) other people. Actually if you count the three boys downstairs, it’s like living with six other people. We are often running down stairs to use the microwave (girl has to have her pop corn!) or they are at our place hanging in the kitchen just saying hi. We drink a lot of wine in our kitchen. Have I really gone into this yet? Well listen.

Prague is the number 1, per capita, beer drinking -ist place in the whole wide world. Yep. Brent looked it up. Prague beats USA hands down and Ireland is a close runner up. Folks here drink morning noon and night. Bars are open 24/7. They are called Herna Bars. You can gamble in them, or if you are like some of my classmates, sleep in them. In Praha one can drink on the street – bottles of wine or beer, cans of beer, whatever. They don’t even care if you smoke the reefer. The law is that you can have “a little” but not “a lot”. Seriously, that is the ambiguous real law here. Our new friend Thomas the Barkeep told us. That should put the following into a little perspective for you.

A 1liter bottle of water costs about 9 – 15Kc at the store. At a bar you will pay the same for a smaller bottle.
I can get 2 bottles of wine at the store for 60Kc. In a bar a glass is about 40 -50Kc.
A beer at a bar is about 22Kc. That’s about $1.

Yep. That’s Prague baby.
I’m sure it will look different through the eyes of a worker bee. And I know what you are thinking – why is Alicia complaining!? Well, I’m not. I love this, but seriously, there is only so much frivolity and good times you can really have before you start to wonder …

How did I get here?


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