Why Work?

From my room, the washing machine sounds like an airplane taking off. I know it’s just the spin cycle, but our house is so empty that it echoes and reverberates throughout. There is not a dryer to be found in the CZ, so we have to put our clothes on dryer racks when the “airplane” finishes taking off. And that takes about an hour – with out drying. It’s one of the many things I had taken for granted while living in the United States. Clothes dryers. Who’d have thunk? But I always knew that as a country we took certain things for granted.

We take for granted the fact that at grocery stores, when you purchase your groceries, you will receive a bag (a choice even!) in which to take them home. Not so in Prague. You must purchase a shopping bag or bring your own. I can’t tell you the number of times I have gotten all the way to the check out and realize that I left my bag at home. It sucks. I’ve had to walk home with two bottles of wine, gummy bears, pizza, apples and some potatoes stuffed in my pants all because I am still used to GETTING a bag at the grocery store. In America we take for granted, well hell, just about everything. Our country is real great at saying we love ourselves, but we really don’t appreciate anything. Not really. The second you ask any red blooded American to, I don’t know, live with out a T.V. – or I’ll make it simpler – live without cable – they act like you have taken from them a basic American liberty. Crap. It’s all crap.

The main thing that I have noticed I took for granted was my employment. I know, I know, I hated most of my jobs. I liked the restaurants, but other than that, yeah, you’re right. I hated my jobs. (Being a desk jockey bites!) But, I took for granted that I could always get one. And here I am in Prague of all places, looking for work with that All American, I deserve this because I am American spirit, and found it takes more than that. How conceited are we, really? This place is flooded with “native speakers” who want jobs teaching English. But…

The good news is, I got one! A job that is! Oh yeah. As of today, the girl is employed again. I signed a contract with James “Sail the seas of Language” Cook at 2:30. I am really excited. I can’t wait to start working again! I mean when you work, reading a book is a treat or reward, not the main thing you did for the day. You know what I mean? I know that I am a laid back, chilled out, beauty, but I am not lazy. I can’t really stand being idle for longer than a week or two. I am burned out on being a burn out! Give me some work baby! Heck I was two days away from working a pole in one of the Kaberet Clubs downtown. (just kidding mom)

So, my leisure days are on their way out. I will start appreciating my weekends again, and soon, start complaining about work – the way only a true American can.


2 thoughts on “Why Work?

  1. Helz yeah! Woo hoo, sista gotta a job and with your 1st paycheck set aside 30 bucks; get 2 rolls of coins, beat “said roomate” and say $30 bucks makes hell of a differnce when it’s whoopin your ass!

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