Shiney Happy Hot Dog

Knowing that today was one of my last days as a poor, unemployed, American in Prague, I decided to have a walk about. It was a beautiful day (which you could see if the dang blog site would up load my photos!) so I packed up my camera and headed out the door. For those of you picturing me freezing over here, let me set the record straight. It’s not that cold. Thanks to Global Warming, it has yet to snow here, and might not. I walked around today in jeans and a tee shirt, and of course my trusty Peaches Christ hoodie.

My first stop was the post office. I had some Christmas post cards to mail and I thought it best to get it out of the way early. Now, before you start looking in your mail box wondering if I sent one to you, ask yourself this: Do I even have your address? And if so, are you sure I like you that much? Just kidding. But I only sent out a few so, suck it up. And, if you send me a care package and money, you will defiantly get one. Anyway, back to my day.

I walked along the river and over to the Charles Bridge. I have been there many times, but always on the weekend when it is flooded with tourists. Today seemed a great opportunity to actually see the bridge, and the beautiful view from said bridge. It was really amazing. The sun was glistening like thousands of cubic zirconium floating on the water. The air was crisp and the wind nipped at my nose, just like it says in that song. I took lots of pictures. I even did the one arm picture of yourself thing, when a nice Asian tourist happened by. He offered to take a picture of me, and then asked me if I would take one of him with his camera. I did. He wanted to walk the rest of the bridge with me, but I declined. I really wanted to have my own day. I think that to really experience something you have to be alone. Sure it’s nice to have escapades with people, but only when you are alone can you know what you really think. It’s like going to the movies by your self – no one is there to influence when you laugh or cry or whether you liked it or not.

So that was yesterday. I awoke this morning feeling a little blue. Maybe it’s the holidays, or the fact that although I have a job, I am still not working, or the fact that everyone here is all couple like and I (sigh) am single. I miss making the Buch De Noel at the Bay Wolf, and I will miss having Peking Duck in China Town on Christmas morning. I have never been a big holiday person, but my new little traditions suited me just fine. At any rate, much like I did yesterday, I decided to pull my self up by my “boot straps” and get a little fresh air and walk the pretty city. I decided that what would make me feel a lot better was a trip to one of my favorite stores: LUSH.

Ah, the sweet smell of LUSH. You can smell the store from half a block away, beaconing you forth like some sort of sweet smelling whore. Yes, LUSH is an oasis of beautiful smells and textures, sure to rosy up even the bluest of moods. Bath Bombs, Sympathy for the Skin, Marilyn Hair Masks…I love it all. The moment I walked though the doors I knew I had made a good decision. Blaring from the speakers was the goddess known as Olivia Newton John singing her classic song – Xanadu. I shopped the whole song even though I had already chosen the bath bomb that would explode in my giant tub later that night. (Side note: I don’t OWN Xanadu…so if you want to sent me gifts…)

When ONJ was through singing I was already in a better mood. I walked onward towards Old Town Square to get myself a hot dog from one of the many vendors selling meat. Getting a hot dog in Prague is a pure joy. Unlike in New York, you can get hot dogs, actually they are more like giant versions of hot dogs. Not quite a hot dog, not quite a sausage. Anyway, these giant wieners are available 24 hours a day. I have been drunk a couple of times and though, “Dang! I am so glad there are 24 hours of hot dogs!”. I found a guy selling them for 25Kc, and handed over my crowns. Most vendors sell the dogs for 40Kc, so I felt good about my purchase. It was tasty and allowed me to wander the stalls full of trinkets and stuff, and look at the giant tree. I was in the square on Dec. 5, which is St. Something day and it was full of little kids wearing devil horns, people dressed as angels and a few pope looking guys. I later found out that December 5 marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Prague. Kinda like the Hollywood Christmas parade, or Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade at home. Oh, and in Prague the devil also brings gifts. I love Prague. Anyway, today there was less people so I was able to see more of the stuff. There are some sheep and ponies and all sorts of things to see.

I felt good. I walked to Coffee Fellows which is where I go to use the internet. I walked in and again was happy. For the first time in weeks, “New York, New York” was NOT playing. I don’t know if I have made it clear how much they like that song here, but it is everywhere! EVERYWHERE! So when I walked in and heard Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” my very own little hear filled with a joy that I cannot explain. Even as I write this, Milli Vanilli’s “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” is playing. So I guess it’s a sign. It will be a good day.

Who cares if I don’t have enough money to pay rent next month?
Who cares if I am living on ramen and wine?

I had a good hot dog today.

What more can you ask for in this little life?


2 thoughts on “Shiney Happy Hot Dog

  1. Ah you experienced what Aaron’s Polish family calls St. Nick/Kriskringle…a gift in your stocking rocks on December 5th! I’ll tell you a little secret. I’m a little jealous of what you are experiencing. It sounds like… clarity. I know it may not appear like that but it’s an opportunity so few have.

  2. I’m planning on taking a TEFL course and moving to Prague next summer, and you have no idea how much your blog has helped me. Seriously. You’ve had an enormous impact on my life. I wasn’t sure if it was right until I read your stories about your experience, and then it seemed real. It was real, and I knew I could do it. Thank you so, so much. You’ve been an angel for me.

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