You Should See the Other Guy

The end to my first official workweek was Friday. It felt good to deserve weekend again. My classes went well, I guess. I had two no shows (I still get paid) and the rest was great. It was really fun. I had to travel all over Prague – from Prague 3, to Prague 10 to Prague 4 – I was all over the map! I did a few lessons on Band Aid “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, and one on networking vocabulary. That’s my job now. Weird. And to think, I was so nervous about getting lost. Now I get lost on a daily basis. It’s not so bad.

I wasn’t going to tell my weekend, frankly because it is just to embarrassing. But hell – here goes. I’ll just try and tell the important things. Remember that you all love me.

Ginny Blair came home from work exhausted and wanted to have a beer. Sure! It’s Friday! I opted for a whiskey, and then a beer. (Oh, and I probably haven’t told you this yet…beer here comes in ½ liters. That’s right. Four beers is drinking 2 liters) When we got back to the apartment after our bitch fest, the boys had already started the Friday night tradition of watching Beer Fest. That would be two more beers for Alicia. When the film ended Davey said “Hey, let’s go dancing at Lucerna! There is an 80’s dance party tonight.” Needless to say, I was in. Ginny Blair and I decided that it would be a wise idea to BRING the bottle of Becherovka. Oh lord. Becherovka is a drink that is something like 38% alcohol, made in the Czech Republic and tastes like cinnamon or big red gum. I like it with tonic. I like it alone. I like it on a plane. I like it on a train. Actually, I did drink it on the train. Shit.

We got to Lucerna and had a blast! We danced! We drank! They played a song from Grease and we danced on the stage. A bunch of us fell over, and I hear there were some broke glasses. I don’t remember.

Honestly. I can’t tell you how I got home, when I left, or how I ended up all bruised and where the gash on my nose came from. Seriously. No one seems to recal me walking into anything, so it must have happened on the way home. I did the smart thing and left the club without telling anyone – or so I am told. I don’t remember. I woke up Saturday afternoon feeling like ass, and realized that I must have walked into something, fallen over or got in a fight. I then find out that I had an entire phone conversation that I don’t remember having. Good times for Lushy LaRue!

I slept all of Saturday. We were having our Christmas party that night, and I really didn’t feel like going. But, the boy’s had got a tree and cleaned all of the dust bunnies from the corners of the apartment so I thought…I better pony up. I put on a cute outfit and graced the party with my hung over presence – for about two hours.

It was a swell party. Even Pete our teacher from TEFL showed up! He looked at my face and asked me what happened. When I told him I had no idea he just said, “That’s rock and roll Alicia. That’s rock and roll.

I have since vowed never to drink again.

We’ll see.


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