Chinska Food and a Tilty Tree

My first Christmas in Europe is officially over. I know the first question many of you have is: Did it snow? No. It did not snow. But it got really freaking cold. I’m talking the kind of cold where your butt is cold and your nose is red and you can’t feel your limbs. I think it wanted to snow, but it just didn’t have the gumption to do so. So, I am still white Christmas free.

Christmas Eve was great. I got to carry on with one of my favorite Christmas traditions: Chinese food. Scott, his wife Mary, Ben, Brent, Summer and myself bundled up and headed into town to see if we could find an open restaurant. Old Town Square was pretty closed down except for a few restaurants catering to tourists – the only people in Prague at Christmas. We wandered around town in the freezing cold looking for a Chinska place. Now, I am not being derogatory. That is how one says Chinese in Czech. So there. Anyway. We wandered around drinking our Mulled Wine looking for the elusive Chinska place that would be open. We found it. It was great! It reminded me of some of the places in the Bay Area where you have to go upstairs and the restaurant looks over the street. Table service in Prague leaves something to be desired. It is about as far from American type service that you can get. Maybe it is due to the fact that people are expected to only round up to the next 5kc for tip. I don’t know. But, on Christmas Eve we waited about an hour for our food. It was fine, most of us have gotten used to it by now, but still that was a long time even for Prague. Oh, if you were wondering – I had noodles and chicken. I didn’t feel like splurging on the Peking Duck. Next year maybe.

After dinner we walked the streets a little while longer and then headed back to our place. We played charades for an hour or so. It was really fun. I was actually an answer! It took a long time to get “ALICIA”. I mean think about it. How would you act out my name? It doesn’t rhyme with anything, and you can’t point or talk. I eventually guessed it, which seemed apprepeux. It was nice to play a parlor game. It felt like Christmas back in the olden days when they had no TV or TBS running “A Christmas Story” 24 hours a day. Being in Prague is an exercise in self entertainment. Luckily for me I find myself utterly amusing.

Christmas day was swell also. Ben made French Toast for everyone, and we had mimosas, hot coco and some wine. We opened our little gifts next to our leaning Christmas tree and I felt very thankful to have friends and a new family in which to celebrate the holiday with. I received an orange, a pack of gummy bears and a cool old book – in Czech – that will make a cool keep sake for me one day. After the gifts had been exchanged we watched “A Muppet Christmas Carol”. It was nice. Later that evening I went forth for my other long standing Christmas tradition: A movie. I saw “The Holiday”. Jack Black baby!

So…that was Christmas here in Prague. It was nice and mellow. On Thursday I am hoping a train bound for Dresden. I have to get my passport stamped by the 9th so I figured…might as well! I will hopefully have some cool pictures and stories from my trip. I don’t know if any of the roomies are going with or not. We’ll see. But I am no stranger to being solo.

More soon..and I promise it will be better written. To tell the truth I am writing this while I am waiting for a film to download from itunes. So sorry if it kind of sucks. Oh and do you guys have horrible techno versions of “She’s Like the Wind” and “Maniac” over there? They are on everywhere here.


One thought on “Chinska Food and a Tilty Tree

  1. An orange! According to Aaron’s family that means you were perty darn good this year. No potato in your stocking – Let’s just say Aaron had a few potatoes in his day.Glad you were surrounded by friends and your belly was happy filled with Chinese Christmas cheer.

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