Turn and Face the Strange

I know. I know. It’s a little bit of a cliché to talk about change and how it, well, changes you and that it’s inevitable and stuff. I’d really like to figure out a way to talk about life’s little switch-a-roos without getting philosophical and all “The Time’s They are a Changing” with you. But it seems that there is only one way to talk about change and that is with complete reverie. One must meditate on it and pay it due respect.

I have had a few ch ch ch changes in the last couple of weeks. For starters, both of my OG flat mates moved out. That would be Joey and Summer for those of you keeping score. Joey left Premyslovska Place two weeks ago with a nice going away dance party at a local club. It was fun. Joey and I never really got along that well. It always felt like there was a lot of tension when he was around. Anyway, he’s gone now and Summer left last week. I wish them both well. Really, I do. But as the song says, when it’s time to change you’ve got to rearrange. I fucking love The Brady Bunch. I firmly believe that by watching episodes of that zany blended family you can unlock the secrets of the universe. But I digress.

Here are two names for you to get familiar with: Chrissy and Natalie. These are the two fine young ladies that I am now sharing my flat with. They both moved in last Saturday. Natalie is from Austria and is going to school here. I have barely seen her due to the strict regimen of fun filled activities her school has her on. But she is nice. He mom and cousin helped her move in and they spent the night. Natalie brought with her more kitchen supplies than Emeril could ever use. It’s kind of funny considering the fact that we only had “bowl” and “cup” for a while.

Chrissy is a sweet, red-blooded, American gal fresh out of the same TEFL program I attended only four short months ago. She is from Wisconsin – Clinton to be exact. She’s really nice and is learning to play guitar. Chrissy is engaged and her soon to be hubby will be here visiting this week. It has been really great getting to know both of them. Actually Chrissy has three class mates who are still looking for a place to live that are staying with my neighbor Jen across the hall. My building is steadily being over run with overwrought young Americans. God bless America.

We had an opportunity to meet and greet these new folks at our Valentine’s party. It was held in the man pad downstairs as usual. The boys went all out decorating. There were Valentine’s posted on the walls saying things like, “I’m Lonely. Will you be my Valentine” or “Cleveland Steamer Anyone? Happy Valentine’s Day!” It was also mandatory that all attendees wear pink or red. At first I thought that it was lame to have a dress code. I mean, is this P-Diddy’s party? But it turned out kind of cool. I mean everyone matches in the pictures. The highlights of the party include, but are not limited to the following: The “bend over and pick up the box using just your teeth” game that resulted in me pulling a muscle, Davey’s bandana, Local Celebrity JAMIE MARSHALL actually coming to our party and playing guitar, the fight that almost broke out because of a Meatloaf song, and Ben puking out of his window.

So, if change is in the air, if it really will do me good and if Ziggy really does play guitar – wait scratch that last one – but if change happens whether you like it or not, then I think I’m doing alright with it. Sometimes when you are scared of change it is exactly what you need most.


3 thoughts on “Turn and Face the Strange

  1. Why is it I feel like I just watched an episode of LOST. So many unanswered questions; teased by bits and pieces of a story that you will never recieve the answers to; or am I watching Twin Peaks and I’ve gotta go and by the “diary” to play along and unravel the strange. I have questions like:1 – where is that mysterious hand coming from in the 1st picture (I’m a little wierded out)?2 – Por quoi did the roomies dash?3 – Is this a good thing?4 – What’s up wit Joey?5 – So does this mean I now don’t have to bring my own bowl when I visit?6 – Ziggy…what?Sigh. Argh! Hmmm?7 – What ever happened to Tiger? Is he living on a nice farm somewhere with Oliver?

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