Friday Nights and Pillow Fights

The first rule of Pillow Fight Club is: Tell everyone about Pillow Fight Club. The second rule of Pillow Fight Club is – TELL EVERYONE about Pillow Fight Club. The third rule? Bring your own damn pillow. Here’s how it works – A mob of people congregate in a certain place, say in front of the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square, at a certain time, with pillows at the ready. Having heard about it only from word of mouth, these people show up on pure faith – faith in the solidarity of fun, silly shit to do on the weekend. I had known about it for a week and told everyone I knew to show up. That, by the way, equals about ten people.

I was excited. I had visions of 1000’s of people hitting each other with pillows and feathers flying everywhere. We would be on the news and maybe in the weird paper they hand you while you make your way to the Metro. But, I also had visions of no one showing up. It would be just me and my friends running around like school kids, hitting each other with pillows. Either way, it seemed like an amusing thing to do on a Saturday evening. That is, if you didn’t spend Friday night getting completely hammered. Which I did.

Friday evening found me in very familiar surroundings: The boy’s apartment for the traditional Friday night viewing of Beer Fest. I know I was only invited because I had a working computer, but I went anyway. I was off to a good start. I had three beers during the film. And remember, these are ½ liter beers, not the little beers you are used to in the states. I had a nice buzz by the time the credits rolled. After the movie was over my flat mates, my cool neighbor and friend Jen, and myself decided to go over to “the new boys” apartment for an impromptu housewarming party.

(The New Boys: T, Andy and Mike.
They were in Chrissy’s TEFL course and are friends of my neighbor Jen from back home. They moved into a flat about a four-minute walk from our place. Please see included picture from the Valentine’s Day party.Cool.)

The housewarming was fun. We played drinking games and I drank another 4 beers. I’d give you details of this, but honestly, do you need them? Just think about any party you have ever been to where you play a “round robin” type drinking game designed to make you laugh and get very drunk. It was like that. And I have to say; it was refreshing to hang out with a group of new people. Anyway, after the reindeer games had come to a full and complete stop, we circled our wagons and decided to go dancing.

So there we were, about fifteen expats, drunkenly making their way down Vinohradska towards a dance club called Infinity. It’s a cool little club with over priced drinks. It’s just like being back in L.A. Okay, not really but the drink prices were the same. Infinity is a club where lots of drunk Czech women can be found undulating to various songs by Shakira, Madonna and Gwen Steffani. From what I witnessed and… well…demonstrated that evening, I can tell you that it is not only Shakira’s hips that don’t lie. Mine don’t either. I just wish I knew what they were trying to say.

Let’s just say that Alicia was a dancing fool. I was attached (at the hip!) to T…all…night…long. Seriously. I don’t think I left the dance floor once. I fear I was that drunk woman at the bar who screams out “Oh my gosh! I love this song! This is MY song!” to every song she hears. Oh, and just so you can get a clear picture of this I will remind you that I am a wee four feet, eleven inches – T is a strapping six foot three. Right. I told you.

So needless to say I felt like ass in the morning and wasted most of my Saturday feeling the repercussions of the previous nights activities. I had settled on the couch when I got a text from Jen telling me that they were getting me a pillow. Shit. I had to go. I mustered all of the energy I had left and ran my ass off to get there on time. And I got there just in time to hear the whistle blow and see a cool pillow fight.

Moral of the story? Hell, there is none. If there is a big pillow fight going on near you I highly recommend it. If there is an opportunity to get freaky on the dance floor, take it. Where ever, whatever.


2 thoughts on “Friday Nights and Pillow Fights

  1. What a wicked fun idea! That Prague sure is cool.Although my head hurts just thinking about it. I always get pummeled during pillow fights.

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