Time Gets Away From Ya

Six months. My gestation is half over. Weird. Time is sprouting wings and taking flight with the speed of those planes Tom Cruise flew in Top Gun. It seems like just yesterday I was lost in the city center on Halloween. An eye blink later and St. Patrick’s Day is added to my list of memories. Ah time, you sly, sneaky devil.

As expected, we threw a St. Patty’s Day party. It was originally planned as an 80’s Prom Patrick’s party, but ended up as a party where everyone wore green and listened to 80’s music. The concept was a good one but, to be honest, my friends here don’t have a passion for costumed fun like my pals in the Bay Area. That, and they were all BORN in the 80’s so…

It was a swell party, although we were worried there for a minute. From about 8 – 9:30 there was just three of Davey’s Czech students, and Dan, Dave, me, Ben and Brent. I had never seen boredom before. I mean I have been bored before, but this was a palpable, viewable, breathing boredom that seemed to grow stronger as time seemed to slow down. I thought of hanging myself from the streamers for fun, or taking up smoking again or, um, going home or charades! It was pretty bad. The funny part was that Davey had all this nervous energy and soon began to resemble an expectant father in a waiting room from a 50’s movie.

But, as is always the way with parties, everyone
showed up at the same time. There was dancing, drinking, laughter, and even some fights breaking out in the living room. I won’t name names, but someone was making out with someone on the couch. That same someone was drunk and didn’t notice that their crazy almost stalker was watching and, well…the gloves came off. Whatever. I had fun. One of my student’s Jan (pronounced Yawn) came with a friend and I think they had a good time too.

On Friday Davey and I are off to Geneva for the weekend. Who does that? I do! How awesome is it to be able to do shit like this? I hope you are all

taking advantage of what there is in life, no matter how small. Because time won’t slow down for ya…unless you are throwing a party and no one shows up.


2 thoughts on “Time Gets Away From Ya

  1. Looks like a pretty smilin’ woman right there. Sometimes it’s nice to know you have friends. Warning! Author not affiliated with above anonymous.

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