Well…it has been a while huh? I have to say, I have been a little stressed and that’s why I have neglected my blog.

I have decided to sign a year contract with the TEFL school I got my certificate from. I will be doing some basic admin stuff – about 20 hours a week. I will still be teaching some, but I will get to drop some classes that I don’t like. So that’s good. I think the “year long” commitment has me a little freaked out. I mean I know it’s a work contract and it can be broken, but I still feel a little freaked out. Anxiety is a bitch. And hell, maybe it’s just my loneliness talking; I mean it has been a while since I kissed a boy. Anyway…that’s the plan. Me here for one more year.

On the literal bright side: Holy crap is it beautiful here! The sun is shining everyday and it is warm! There are beer gardens everywhere…EV-REE -WHERE! The one in the park near my house has a big screen TV that plays videos or sports and some fooze ball tables. It’s super cool. Folks are super chill there. It totally reminds me of Zeitgeist in SF, but bigger…and cheaper…and in Prague.

The streets are lined with the most beautiful trees that are blooming with pink and white flowers. There are people lying out or roller blading in the parks. And the fat, smelly Czech men have now decided to let their pale beer bellies out of hibernation and unleash them upon the public. Ahhh, spring!

More updates to come.


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