Damn, I’m Tired

I have been trying to think of a clever way of putting into words how much fun I am having. There really is no way so…I’ll just spill the proverbial beans. Last weekend started on Thursday and lasted all the way until Wednesday! I love the Czech holiday’s! I am in the middle of two, 4 day weekends.

You see…there are beer gardens all over the city…taunting you with their Fooze Ball tables and their cheap beer and their parks fit for Frisbee and Wiffle Ball! I am easily tempted by the combination of sunshine, beer, friends, cute boys and silly sports.

Thursday: There was Beer Garden til midnight,and then dancing at a club called Infinity near our place. I had fun … and stuff. (insert blush here) I got home about 3:30am

Friday: Letna Park Beer Garden for Mary’s birthday and what was to be the beginning of Ginny Blair and Alicia’s big old pile of fun that lasts the next 4 days. We were like women on a mission – and the mission was fun. We stayed at the Beer Garden and then met up with the “new boys” (you remember them from previous posts – Mike, Andy and T)at a bar that was having a closing party. GB and I decided that we NEEDED to go dancing, so we dragged our drunk asses and the drunk asses of those boys across town to Lucerna. Good times were had and I got home at 4am.

Saturday: GB and I watched a little Desperate Housewives and went to the Beer Garden at about 3:30. I had come down with strep throat, so I took my OJ and said I would not be drinking. Well, 5 hours and many beers, and a game of Wiffle Ball later we all decided to go into town and continue the party at various clubs. I got home at 4am.

Sunday: I got a text saying that GB and pals were at…you guessed it…the park…so that’s where I went. We played some fun card games designed to embarrass each other, and played Frisbee. It was fun. We met some other Americans. It was super cool. After that we staged a spontaneous dinner at the new boys place. Mollie helmed a pasta dinner that rocked. It was really fun to sit at a table with eight new friends and talk, drink wine, smoke stuff and just chill. I really loved that night.

Monday: I met some friends for dinner and then went in search of the “witch burning” party. It’s part of the Monday holiday and I am still a little unclear about it. Anyway, I still had strep so I was home and sober by 12:00am. Thank you.

Tuesday: Crap! More Beer Garden! I met GB, Ben, Mollie and a friend of Ben’s for coffee. After that Mollie and I wandered and drank landing in Letna Park. We found our friends quickly enough and also found the Anti-Communist Festival. Cool. Great food, more Wiffle Ball, more beer, more fun.

So…I came away with a sprained pinky finger (from football), a huge bruise on my ass (from being knocked over during wiffle ball) and strep throat. I also came away with some new friends, an end to my lack of kissing and a happier outlook on my little life here. I think I did alright.

I am really happy right now.


4 thoughts on “Damn, I’m Tired

  1. Did anyone else catch the “smoke stuff” line? Oh yea, I believe in kissin’ and tellin’ but you just teased me with that little bit, “end to my lack of kissing”. You are just leaving me in antici…pation for the next blog. DO TELL!

  2. DUDE!!! You look so happy and cute! Like a little snuggle bunny!! I miss you! I have strep too! I second Angie’s motion – whodja kiss and wutcha smokin’?

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