I’m Totally Still Here

I know…I know…I have really neglected you all this time. I deserve to be punished. But on the other hand, I’m not sure how many of my loyal readers are actually still loyal. So, we will call it a wash.

The circle of life continues in Prague. We have had a couple more people leave and a few just take a leave of absence. It is one of the things that you have to get used to if you are going to live abroad – people come and go. Ginny Blair and Mike are somewhere in Spain running from bulls. Jen and the Boston boys just returned from a sun and fun filled week in Croatia. A few folks spent the last 4 day weekend at a music festival featuring The Hives and The Strokes. Me? I stayed here and kinda worked.

One of my favorite people left a few weeks ago…Mr. Dan Deacon. But see…I’m not mad. Deacon has gone off to the Big Apple to pursue a life of Law. He will be attending NYU Law this year. I have already retained his services as my Lawyer for later in life when I get into trouble for my top secret destruction device. Don’t ask. Anyway. Dan is already missed. In fact, I had an experience just this past week that I wished I could have SMS’d Dan about. But, alas…

My roommate Natalie has also fled Praha. She took all of her kitchen appliances and got out of Dodge. I really will miss Natalie and her divine apple strudel.

I have been keeping busy, well as busy as I can be kept when I have no classes to speak of. See, James Cook – the language school I work for pulled 2 of my classes. The rest seem to all be on vacation. Crap. POOR. Really poor. If it wasn’t for my job at TEFL I might not pay rent. Sure, I could go out and get me some private lessons, but that would cut into my time at the beer garden with my homies. Priorities you know? So, for now, I will continue to drink Euro Shopper boxed Wine mixed with OJ and call it a cocktail. I will go to Karaoke on Monday’s and sing for free drinks from the owner. I will eat potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am all about sacrifice.

What else…Oh…I finally saw Grindhouse: Death Proof. Yeah, just that one because here they are releaseing them separately. Sucks right? I know. But the movie was SO fucking cool! I was like a babe in a candy store! I went with my pal Davey who had purchased advanced tickets for the premire. It was cool. We got a free poster and some weird drink. we also felt the love that only gratuitous violence, reference to the glory days of muscle car films, and girls who can – will – and should – kick the crap out of you – can really bring. It was joy. Pure joy. Thank you Quentin.

Other than that it’s been just hanging out with my friends, flirting etc… with cute boys and trying to stay out of to much trouble. It’s hard though. If you do something here, it is about 10 minutes before the rest of the crew knows about it. We call it Premyslovska Place. Or Beverly Hills, 90120.

To illustrate: Me and my 2 flatmates live across the hall from Jen, and two floors up from Davey, Ben and Brent. Mike, Andy and T live a 4 minute walk from us. Che lives around the corner. The Boston boys live about 4 blocks away.

So…good news really does travel fast when you realize how short of a distance it has to go.


3 thoughts on “I’m Totally Still Here

  1. Heyyy i came across your blog from that TEFL blacklist thing! I’m moving to Prague on August 31st and looking at your blog kind of calmed me down about the experience, knowing that you’re ok. How long are you staying there for?

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