The TEFL Blacklist: TEFL Worldwide Prague

Hey kids check this out…lil ol me is officially linked!
This guy is cool beans.

The TEFL Blacklist: TEFL Worldwide Prague


4 thoughts on “The TEFL Blacklist: TEFL Worldwide Prague

  1. Hey I’m new to the whole wordpress thing so there might be a better way to get a hold of you than just commenting, but I couldn’t find an email address so this is the best I can do. I have one year of college left and I am thinking about enrolling in one the the TEFL programs in Prague. I was wondering if you would be willing to talk with me about it. It’s not that I don’t trust their information, it is just they are trying to sell me a service so it will be far more bias than anything you can tell me. Lemme know. Thanks!

    • Hey there – I fully endorse TEFL Worldwide. They are great people and the best in Prague for the money. If you look at my own experience (from my blog posts) you’ll see that it was great. So, take a lokk back at anything starting from Oct 2006 on and you’ll get a good idea. 🙂

      • Good deal! Yeah as soon as I wrote that I began reading through your posts. Seems like a lot of work, but it also opens a lot of doors around the world for you. Hopefully I get the opportunity to do it after I graduate in the spring.

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