Cooking and Coloring

OK. I hope that you are sitting down. Seriously. Especially you mom.


Alright then. For the past couple of months Allie and I have been hosting Friday night dinners, Sunday suppers and the occasional Saturday morning Brunch. The unbelievable part in all of this is that I am the cook. Now, not only am I the cook, people actually like what I am cooking. I know, I know – you don’t believe me, and I wouldn’t either – but it is true! I have perfected a pasta sauce, and managed to create a mean chicken Parmesan. I can do a corn chowder that would make your head spin, I make salad dressing from scratch and don’t even get me started on my fritatas.

“Our boyfriend” Andy had a friend visiting this past week. (We call him “our boyfriend” because the three of us -Allie, Andy and myself- are constantly together. It’s like the three of us are dating.) Eli (in the red) went to high-school with Andy and Mike, so they go way back. Allie and I took to Eli immediately. We loved him. He is cute, smart and funny. I think the reason we liked him right off was that he jumped in and started teasing us with in about thirty minutes of meeting us. He was like family from the beginning.

I tagged along with the boys who were taking Eli around to all of the sights – from Vysehrad to Old Town Square acting as Eli’s personal photographer. It was fun. We took Eli to a bunch of cool bars and restaurants and basically gave him the Royal Treatment. I think he had a pleasant time with us.

I guess now is a good time to tell you that Allie and I have a new shared hobby. We color. That’s right, we color – as in coloring books and crayons. And Whiskey. Now you should know that this hobby is a little more difficult here in the Czech Republic. It’s not like you can walk into any old Target and buy a 64 box of Crayola Crayons. Nope. No targets here. Finding a box of “Wax Pastels” was a pain in the ass, not to mention that you can only get about 8 colors. We quickly became frustrated with our lack of color choices. Luckily for us Davey brought back with him from America a box of – you guessed it – 64 Crayola Crayons. WOOO!

The reason I bring this up is that it pertains to this story. Since we have started coloring, everyone who comes over for dinner has the option of coloring a picture and having it posted on our Kitchen Color Wall. It is a privilege. And it is fucking cool. People made fun of us at first. But now? People WANT to come over and color. Eli even started a picture that he didn’t get to finish and asked if he could come back to finish it. That’s where Friday night dinner happened.

So…since Andy and Eli were coming over to color, Allie and I figured that we would make dinner for them. Long story short 4 people turned into 8 people fast. It’s difficult to have a nice little dinner when everyone you know knows everyone you know. So, we felt we “had” to invite everyone. It was fine. I made pasta and meat sauce and we had sundae’s for dessert. We just get a little annoyed that some of our friends just come over and don’t even THINK to chip in money or bring anything. If it were me…I would chip in some crowns for the nice people cooking for an army. It ain’t cheap. But…I have manners.

We had a nice dinner in the Freedom Cage (Oh…the “sex Room” has been changed to “The Freedom Cage”. We like it better. When we want to be alone, we lock ourselves in The Freedom Cage.) and laughed a lot. We even got way into the “Thigh Master” that lives in The Freedom Cage.

After dinner it was off to a club across the river called Cross Club. It is this cool industrial club with different dance floors and stuff. The decor is all machines and shit. It’s nifty.We got very drunk. How many times do you need details of how drunk I get? Not many more I bet. A picture is worth a thousand words anyway.

We danced…we drank…we got lost in the winding hallways, and I think at one point Allie and I were sent to “The Cloak Room” to buy tickets. I just remember Allie and I trying to reason with the doorman that, NO…we did not want a cloak…we wanted to GO INTO THE CLUB. Hello drunky pants! And for future reference, if you were to purchase cloaks for Allie and myself – she would like a purple one, and I would love an invisibility Cloak. There was more drinking, dancing and general frivolity abound. We took the night tram home and had our favorite late night (early morning actually…4:30 is no longer night huh…?) snack. FRIED CHEESE SANDWICH!

So…life is sweet here. I am growing into a well rounded gal.Next thing you know I will have my own cooking show, be a published author and you can all say that you knew me when…


2 thoughts on “Cooking and Coloring

  1. heyyy! its melissa 🙂 i told you before that i was moving to prague in september and here i am! I was just wondering if you knew anyone who needs a roomate in october cause thats when my course ends @ oxford tefl…im a little lost with this stuff!

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