Embracing Change

Intuition is a funny thing. It can make us get up from the sofa and decide to get a haircut. It can tell us not to answer the door. It tells us when love is on the horizon or when it has already marched past. It lets us know when to fight and when to just let go. Intuition is the voice in your head that already knows all of the answers. You just choose not to listen to it. You are more comfortable being told what to do and what to think. You read the newspaper everyday thinking that it is important, but intuition tells you, “you are reading what the journalists have decided we should know, feel involved in or have an opinion about.” Intuition is no longer favored among us. Intuition scares people.

We as people, especially women have this in spades. It is a kind of magic that all women posses – the art of intuition, contemplation and love. A lot of times society has a bit of difficulty dealing with it. Society has rules to follow and paths to walk, and anytime someone strays from that society gets fearful. I have felt this my whole life. I have always danced to my own tune and figured out my own path. Not that the path has always been an easy one, but it has been mine and I am proud of that. My dance has taken me to many new places and I have met many new people. In the past fear has kept me from living but I have awakened the part of me that is welcoming to unfamiliar experiences, love, and people. I am open.

So, why is Alicia getting all philosophical on your ass? I’ll tell you: I am leaving Prague.

This was a hard decision for me on many levels. On one hand I have achieved more than I ever thought I would out here in the middle of Europe. I have not only survived here but I have thrived here. Why would I give that up? I have a great job, great friends and I love this city. But, I remembered that I am on a journey. I am not done growing yet. I feel there is more that I am supposed to see and do.

In June I leave Prague and set out for Spain. I will be spending a month in Cadiz working for a summer camp for teens. I am really excited about it. I have never been to Spain and I am ready for a beach! After that I am going to bum around Madrid for four days before I set off for a week in the Soria Mountains at Pueblo Ingles – a great language exchange program that GB did last year. Free room and board, free meals and in SPAIN! I am meeting my friend Suzie in Madrid and doing the program with her.

Suzie. Now, if there is a reason to believe in some sort of cosmic being, some sort of “reason for everything”, it’s Suzie. Here is a little back-story. I have been keeping this blog for a couple of years now. I started it as a lazy way to keep you all informed of my time abroad. Well, I never really figured anyone would read it, much less people I didn’t know. Well, Suzie read it. She said that my little blog made her decide to come to Prague and do the TEFL program. She said she felt connected to this adventure through my writing. Now…we are friends and traveling together. I don’t know, But I find beauty in that. It’s a weird kind of beauty…like Cher…but genuine…like Cher. I don’t know. I just have to believe that things like that are not coincidence, but the universe giving us just what we need.

Like Cher.


2 thoughts on “Embracing Change

  1. Le sigh…By the time I get there, you will be gone, I’m afraid. 😦But, I see your reasoning and I admire it. I know that we will meet up someday. Spain will be just absolutely WONDERFUL! What adventures you will have there!

  2. SPAIN! Sounds like you’ll be too busy for me. I hate you a little (jealousy is a bitch) but love you too much for it to matter.

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