If you love something, set it free

You know that one right? It goes something like this: “If you love something set it free; if it returns its yours forever, if not it was never meant to be.” I believe it. And, Sting wrote a song about it so it must be true.

I have been thinking about this little proverb a lot this past week. I mean, society for the most part equates love with possession. Marriage is called a bond, the wife is “the old ball and chain”. At Valentine’s Day we exchange candy hearts that say “Be Mine”. I don’t have anything against marriage or sweet yet crunchy declarations of love, I just think that all of our ideas of love are directly opposed to what Sting tells us. I have had to make a very large decision in a very short amount of time. The decision came down to choosing love or um, a beach.

I applied for a position in Mexico. It was the job I really wanted. I had been offered positions in China, Italy, and Korea but I really wanted the job in Mexico. It just felt right. Two weeks ago they emailed saying that they filled all positions but thanks anyway. So, I decided that I would stay in Prague. It’s MY city. I feel more at home here than anywhere else in the world. I love it. Yes, LOVE it. Well, last week i got a phone call from the school in Mexico asking if I would like to come work for them after all. I had two days to decide.

My heart was telling me to stay in Prague. My heart is so happy here and feels safe and loved and blessed. If you ever watch Sex and the City then you know what I am talking about. Carrie’s one true love in the world is New York City. I feel the same for Prague. But, she didn’t realize it until she moved away. I keep saying that its like trying on a wedding dress. The first one you try on is usually the one you end up buying, but you have to try on more dresses. So, I am off to Mexico in August to try on one last dress.

This move will be really hard for me for a lot of reasons. I feel at home here. I have deep and close friendships with people here. My favorite Bar is here!

But, as the saying goes…well, you know. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see me back in Prague in 2009. I’m just saying you don’t mess up a good thing.

Well, maybe you do. But thats what planes are for.


3 thoughts on “If you love something, set it free

  1. Hi Brenda – I can’t wait to get to Mexico! And, to answer your question…I am happy in Prague, but I want to experience happy someplace else as well. A rolling stone gathers no cool experiences and meets no new people. Thanks for reading it! 🙂

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