Good ‘ol Fedora

I like Sean Penn, just as a rule. He makes bitchen’ movies – or did back in the 80’s and 90’s – and seems to not give a fuck about what anyone else in Hollywood thinks about him. I like that. And, he had the balls to marry Madonna back when she was seriously scary and crazy. But, I have to disagree with him on a certain point. He was being interviewed on “Inside the Actors Studio” and was asked about his films and how he chooses them. I’ll never forget his answer because it was so cool. He said that he doesn’t believe in movies as entertainment. “If I want to be entertained I’ll get a couple hookers and an eight ball and call it a night.” or something to that effect. I know. Cool right?

But, Mr. Penn? i think you are over thinking movies. Sure they can be educational and help you learn about the world around you, but they can also be fun. just plain old fun.

Today Allie and I went to see the new very long titled Indiana Jones movie. It was cool. There was much fedora tipping and snakes and car chases and funny tongue in cheek jokes. Just what you want when you lay down you 120kc to go see a movie. i liked all of it. Even the over the top parts were fun. And why not? It’s Indiana Jones – not Mosquito Coast.

I am writing because I think a lot of people have lost sight a little when it comes to movies. The boyfriend and friends went to see it a few nights ago. When I asked how it was I got a shoulder shrug and this comment: Well, it was a little much. To which I replied – you went to see Indiana Jones right? What did you expect? I tell you, I would be disappointed if I left the theater and did not see amazing chases feats of strength and some bad ass stunts…and a few monkeys. There should always be a monkey. Seriously, I think many films would have been improved with the presence of a monkey.

If movies were not allowed to be just fun we would have no Goonies, Romancing the Stone, The Princess Bride, Smokey and the Bandit, Sinbad movies …the list goes on and on. There is a time and place for Dead Alive (aka Braindead) and there is a time and place for Dead Man Walking. And…now that I think about it I believe that would make a rather interesting double feature. And…hello! One of those films totally has a monkey. I’ll give you one guess.

Now, I have to attend to my hookers before they snort the entire eight ball.


5 thoughts on “Good ‘ol Fedora

  1. agreed! not to mention the entire reason the film industry became so successful was because people needed an entertaining break from the horrible reality that was the great depression. there’s just no room for film snobbery with a movie like indiana jones. i feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t appreciate far-out adventure, cheesy one-liners, creepy-crawly grossness and good ol’ fedora-tipping… and monkeys.

  2. While I enjoy the gratuitous monkey in all films, I have to add that EVERYTHING is made better when a midget is included!

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