Soundtrack of My Life…

So, while searching the Blog-o-sphere I have come across a few blogs that I enjoy. I found a few by some cool women who live in the same town i will be moving to in August. This was on one of them… Pretty neat. Now you are supposed to play this game by selecting Random…but I am going to choose my own little playlist…I like to control the outcome. hell, I used to cheat at Choose your own Adventure books. Anyway. Check it out.

1. Open your library of songs, such as Itunes)
2. Select Random play mode
3. Press Play
4. For each question, respond with the song you’re listening to
5. When you go to respond to the next question, press Next

• Opening Credits: Kahlua by Percy Faith
• Awakening (how your day begins): Don’t Rain on My Parade by Barbara Striesand
• First Day of Classes or Work: Rudie Can’t Fail by The Clash
• Kissing Scene: I Want You by Elvis Costello or Love Me by Elvis Presley
• Fight Scene: This Day by The Epoxies
• Breaking Point: Where is My Mind??? by The Pixies
• Graduation: One Day at a Time Theme song
• My Big Blowout: Down, Down, Down by Tom Waits
• Mental Shock: Where Does the Good Go by Tegan and Sara
• Song for Driving: Born to Run by Springsteen
• Reconciliation: Tear in Your Hand by Tori Amos
• Flashback: Baba O’ Riley by The Who
• Wedding: Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley
• Birth of My Child: Into the Mystic by Van Morrison
• Paying Dues: Children of the Revolution by T. Rex
• Moment of Final Triumph: You Can’t Always Get What you Want by The Stones
• Final Battle: Sheena is a Punk Rocker by The Ramones
• Death Scene: Down with the Sickness by Richard Cheese
• Funeral Scene: Cabaret by Liza Minelli
• Final Credits: This Time Tomorrow by The Kinks


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