That’s My Purse!

I have been in the Czech Republic now for almost two years. I have seen most, if not all of my friends lose a cell phone, get one stolen, be the victim of alcohol and lose their wallet or just plain not be careful. Not me. I pride myself on knowing where my shit is at all times. I don’t even leave my purse with girlfriends.

Thursday night I let me guard down. My purse was stolen with my camera, phone, KEYS, wallet, credit cards, 800kc, and my dignity. Totally sucks. i was with some friends at Cross Club and … well… I left there with nothing. my friend Kelly felt bad for me and got us a cab back to the Blind Eye so that I could call my friend who had the spare key. Unfortunately said friend was out of town not to return until the following evening. Now, lucky for me I happen to live in the same building as a few people I know. I live upstairs from the bar. That came in handy. The Blind Eye regulars are awesome people. They all came to my rescue. Mike gave me a place to sleep and a Pabst Blue Ribbon sleeping bag to nestle in for the night. Chili gave me 500kc and a big hug. A few other folks bought me shots and asked what they could do. I felt good. I felt like I had a little family here in Prague.

Now? I leave here in 4 days in search of new adventures, new scenery and new tales to tell. Everyone asks me if I’ll be back to Prague. My answer is always the same. I hope so. A lot of it just doesn’t depend on me anymore. I want to come back, but I want to come back for good if I do. So, we’ll see. It saddens me a little to know that it might not happen. But, as is usually the case with me my passion is a little more intense than it should be. I have found something here in Prague that I think is worth fighting for. But in order for me to do that I have to leave. I have to make sure that it is what i really want. Mexico will be my years of figuring it out. Heck, i might not want to leave Mexico!

Anyway…I’ll be in London this time next week. Then California. Then, Hola Mexico!


3 thoughts on “That’s My Purse!

  1. Sorry you got robbed. Hope it is not too hard to get everything replaced before you leave.Looking forward to meeting you when you arrive in Mexico.

  2. That SUCKS, babe. And just before you are moving out of there. Have fun in london. I am coming out to LA with Eli next week. I am going to drive with him all the way out there and fly back, Im not sure if you will be back yet, but let me know. I will only be there for the 1st, 2nd and third and then I fly back east on the 4th. I’d love to see you if at all possible. I miss you, kiddo!

  3. OUCH, sucks, sorry to hear about that. BTW, how come you’re not sporting the fanny pack? I thought after all this time in Prague you would have been issued one and required to wear it. See ya soon in the fanny pack free states. x!

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