Alicia’s Not In Europe Anymore…

I am the kind of person that always carries a book. Where ever I go, you can bet there is a book in my bag. I don’t mean this in a pretentious way like those kids in college that carried around copies of “The Stranger”, “The Fountainhead” or “Siddhartha”. I actually read the books I carry around. They are not a fashion statement or an accessory for me – they are tools to fight boredom at any given turn. I just plain old love to read. A lot of my friends back in Prague would go about their day with there little head phones firmly implanted in their ears, successfully managing to drown out the entire world, and the entire day at the same time. I have never really felt comfortable doing this. I like to hear the world around me and be aware of whats going on. Reading lets me do that. I can escape and still participate in my day rather than just be a passive observer.

I am writing this little piece sitting in my old bedroom in my mothers home in California. How I got here is kind of a blur to me. But I recall reading an entire book while doing it. I left Prague on a Thursday night in a fit of tears and a little light on the belongings. It seems that Easy Jet charges 300kc per KG that you are over in luggage weight. Well, I was over about 36KG. Yep. Long story short I left a bunch of stuff with a friend in Prague and still had to pay a hefty fine. I boarded the plane and the flight attendant handed me tissue asking if I was alright. I hid my tears in a copy of “The Boleyn Inheritance”. New book and over 400 pages. Perfect to get my mind off of leaving Prague.

By the time I had landed in London I was about 50 pages in, and it was about 1am. Byron met me at the airport and we took many a different transportation back to where he lives in Notting Hill. It was 3am before we got there. (Insert yawn) The next morning we woke up and began our weekend adventure at The Secret Garden Party. It was a 5 day festival outside of London. It is like Burning Man, but with live music and bands. We camped, walked around, saw music, drank whiskey in the sun…and read. At one point we stumbled upon this amazing theater company that preforms Hamlet in weird places. They were awesome – and did the entire show! Not to mention the actor that played Hamlet was totally HOT. Anyway. It was a highlight. The whole thing took place on a huge estate complete with ponds and a giant pirate ship. The supposed big name of the weekend was…ready…Grace Jones. Yeah. I know. I totally sang better in the Karaoke Tent.

Byron and I also went to a show and to a cool exhibit by the street artist Banksy. It was set up in an underpass and a bunch of other street artists were invited to put up their work as well. It was super cool to walk around there at night and see all of the art lit up with street lights. My favorite was the one that looked a little bit like yours truly. Hee.

I have spent some time with my mom and we drove all the way out to Ventura to visit my brother at his place of work. It is an eatery creatively named BROOKS. He can’t be bothered to leave, so that means out to BFE we go. At least the food is good…and free. We had some carrot soup, steak, dessert…all in all it was nice. Thank god for Whiskey. Yessir, thank god for whiskey.

Other than that I hung out at the Dresden Room in LA (the only place in the city that I can really stomach)with Jenn and Angela. It was fun. Andy and his friend Eli were visiting LA so they met up with us to watch and listen to the infamous Marty and Elaine. I really can’t believe that they are still belting out tunes after all these years.

So, now I am spending my days getting ready for my move to Mexico. Buying sheets (please note the ones my mom got for me), packing, and going to the movies. I’ll talk to you soon…with a new book review and a new address.


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