In response to ANONYMOUS

This entry is in response to a comment left on my Sarah Palin entry. First, it is hard to take anything someone says seriously when they do it anonymously. My feelings are: if you really believe what you are saying and stand by your beliefs, then you should be proud to speak up. Anonymous is just a synonym for ashamed.

Mr. Anonymous wrote a sentence that chilled me to the bone which is saying a lot considering the rank heat and humidity of which I now call home. He said, “…women who are ambivalent about abortion.” Dear god, let there be none such creature. How can a woman have mixed feelings about her own body? How can she not care that people are going to decide for her what she can and cannot do with her body. If there is such a woman I suggest beating her with a stick. She won’t care. She’ll have mixed feelings about it until a politician tells her it is for her own good. The attitude of ambivalence is what we need to be worried about. We have become a nation of weak willed, soft bellied followers who will swallow any pill set in front of them. Apathy is just a few steps to the right of ambivalence.

The fact that my reader readily admits that McPalin is pandering to the undereducated American masses speaks volumes about the candidate. Do we really want another leader who got into power by targeting ambivalent, lazy citizens of this country? No. We do not. If we continue down this road of easy choices that require little or no thought, I know where we will end up and its not pretty. We really do not need another President who leads by fear, who convinces a nation that guns and war are for their own good and “the only way to peace.” We do not need another leader who wants more destruction – destruction of human life, land, animals, nature, the Constitution or of the mind. We do not need a leader who shoots first and then asks where the WMD’s went after.


America is ready for real leadership, not fear tactics. If we continue to believe the lies and the propaganda that “other countries are out to get us”, that we should live in fear of “Terrorists”, that the only way to survive is war – if we believe all of that w are screwed.

The lesson here kids is: Don’t allow yourself to be ambivalent or apathetic. They are counting on that. And don’t go out and vote for (AWESOME) Obama or (BUSH CLONE IDIOT) McCain because someone tells you too. Get out there and dig. Get your little, American, pampered, hand sanitizer in the purse hands dirty and DIG! read about the candidates and what they believe. Read up on the issues. Don’t know what a school voucher is? Go look it up. Figure it out. Stop taking everything the media gives you as truth and do your own research. Use that little brain of yours for something other than learning how to program your TiVo. You’ll come to the same conclusion I did:

Sarah Palin scares the shit of of me.



One thought on “In response to ANONYMOUS

  1. Okay, I have to come clean and admit I am a conspiracy theorist…but I want to concur with the closing paragraph – dig a little! READ people. There is nothing more frustrating (and scary) than an illiterate idiot. Our most recent election was one example: voting is compulsory here so (usually the night before) most ppl tend to have some sort of opinion, but to hear ppl base it on something they saw on tv … argh! And then I try to explain the concept of media bias and they stare at me like I’m an alien…I sometimes wonder why I am like this and then realise I learned my discernment in History classes (which nobody else took), yet my government has pretty much destroyed history by turning it into this mash of humanities subjects (called SOSE) where schools are not obliged to teach it at all. Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it.

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