Back in the CZ

I guess I owe a few of you an explanation. Or at least a nice rambling story that ends up with me walking the streets of Prague once again.

Let’s start in Mexico. All good stories start in Mexico. Okay, maybe not all of them but a few do and they are good. Anyway. Mexico. I was there. I was teaching. And I was moderately happy. Moderately happy is just not good enough. I think the main problem with Mexico was the life style. It was a really REALLY small town. Too small for the likes of me. There is nothing to do there during the week except go to the beach. There is no night life to speak of, and the clubs that they DO have didn’t fit me very well.

Then there is the heat. I can’t explain how hot it was. You’d think being a native Californian I would be better equipped for the heat. You would be wrong. I like cold weather. I like wearing tights and scarfs and coats. I like making tea and soup. I like bundling up in my blankets – not leaving the AC on all night.

And that’s the other thing. The AC. I was never ever able to breathe there. Never. In fact, I think my body revolted against the country in general. I got very sick, gained weight due to all of the processed foods and lack of exercise, my hair became very brittle and my skin lost that glow it once had. I was physically and mentally uncomfortable there. Yes, the beach was beautiful and I had fun. But, i was not home. It was not the place for me.

Prague. Prague is home.And I really excited about starting my third year here. I have some really great opportunities that have sprung up. I’ll go more into that stuff later, but I’ll be teaching, singing, writing and possibly acting. Notice that SELLING was not on that list. That’s the plan. And to be happy. This is a chance for me to have a fresh start and I am really jazzed about it. People keep asking me when i am going to settle down and put down roots. Well, I think I HAVE put down roots. I like it here. And Prague doesn’t have to be a temporary place, it can be home. It can be my home. And as far as settling down goes? No thanks. I like my life unsettled, exciting and ever changing. Change is growth people.


3 thoughts on “Back in the CZ

  1. Your hair/skin etc dramas sound so much like I felt when I moved back to Australia (which is meant to be “home”) after living in Scotland (which IS Home). It is very difficult for Australians to understand that I am uncomfortable (mentally, physically, spiritually…) here – they think it is the promised land (especially those who have never been anywhere else >sigh< ) but I get this crawling feeling under my skin at the very thought of having to stay here for the rest of my life...You are fortunate to have discovered a place where you feel you belong/at home – enjoy settling back in!

  2. Woah! that’s news! well I wish you all the best back there in Prague!! And it’s good to know you’ll probably be around when I’ll have time to come back to Prague for a visit and a song or two 😉big hugs from BrusselsM.

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