I write today asking for your help and support. I know, I know – you think, “bitch wants money again…” Nope! Not this time. I need your help in keeping a commitment to myself. Please allow me to elucidate.

Since 2004 I have signed on as a participant in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). It’s a cool thing in which 1000’s of would be authors vow to stop watching TV and making excuses and write a novel. You have from November 1 – November 30 to complete it. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30. It’s fun and I have NEVER followed through on it. NEVER. Not once in the four years I have signed up for the damn thing.

This year is it. I am back in Prague and feel ready to take some more big steps, leaps and maybe even a few jumps.

Here is where you all come in. I am conflicted about what I want to write about. I have a couple of ideas bouncing around.

-expat in Prague
-A sex and the City type thing called, for the time being, “The Dirty Little Mistress Club”
-a combo of the above…

I don’t know. What do you think? Fill me in. And For those brave souls that wanna play with me, sign up here and we can support each other!

Thanks! And…you can still send money.If you want. ūüėČ


7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. Hey, I know this isn’t really related to your recent posts. However, could you be a huge help and answer these few questions?1.)What do you think of TEFL Worldwide.2.)How feasible is it to get a teaching job with only a TEFL Cert. and no degree?3.)How long can one really stay in the CR (I’m from the states) legally before having to leave? (I’m thinking about staying for years, but the issues regarding Visa’s/work permits all seem very overwhelming to me.)4. Almost done!5. I would love to live in my Own average/nice apartment (but not ostentatious), is it possible for one to have an apartment to themselves with NO roommates? (I’m not a huge partier/drinker/clubber, but I know how to stay busy, if I’m not spending money on those things, maybe it can go towards rent!).6. How much money would you recommend in total for one to go to the CR expecting to take the TEFL WW course? (a gross avrg. including course cost, accomod., spening money, etc.)

  2. Me again, thanks so much for your thorough answers to my questions even before having answered them! See, I know you just want to help a confused individual out with your experience, how nice. Thanks again.

  3. Well anonymous…Having broken my “I hate anon postings rule” I am going to answer your questions. Why? Because TEFL rocked. It is a great course, but not easy. If you are looking to get your cert w/out any work – look elsewhere. It is an intensive course, but well worth it. I had a lot of fun and was totally prepared for landing a job after the course. And I did. I have been living and working here a little over 2 years now.2. No degree will hurst you if you want to go other places like China or Viet Nam. But here in Prague you WILL be able to find work. no problem. TEFL has a job fair on the last day of the class aswell where Prague language school come to recruit you. Easy!3. Most employers will help you with the Visa thing, so no worries. Just make sure you take a job where they offer that. If you are working full time it should be no problem. You are legal here for 90 days.5. You COULD get your own place if you work a lot. Right off the bat though you will probably need roommates. You get paid once a month here (and most of Europe) so it takes a while to build up a savings. And roommates help you not feel so all alone in a big new city…or country for that matter! So. It is doable. If you want. go to to see flatshares and prices. You will have to pay A LOT to get started for your own place.6. I can’t tell you. I don’t know you or your spending habits – how pften you like to eat out, go to movies, clubs, travel. So…during tefl – between 300-600 bucks? I don’t know. It is hard to say. OK. I am tired, but I hope this helped! Good luck and see you in Prague!

  4. I think you should take all the various elements of things you feel passionate about as witnessed by your blog and the strange times we live in, put it in a Czech or expat’s (or both) character, then make the setting be in Prague. Prague is a city still blooming and still unknown to many Americans, we live in a time where countries such as the U.S. can either go forward or backwards and if you just wrote about someone trying to make it in Prague with views on the world, threw in a couple real or fabricated relationship issues looking for healing and wholeness, you might have something worth reading, or maybe not, but at least you would have had fun trying! I myself am thinking of doing some writing in an upcoming life, so I understand. Just write from your heart and keep on writing…. -Sean

  5. Hey, it’s Anon again. It looks like you travel quite a bit. I’m sure you’ve met countless people along the way with their own stories; some people pleasant, some irritating. I think it would be interesting to bring together all the personalities of people you’ve met and places you’ve gone (the most startling/interesting personlities could be fashioned into your characters, and don’t forget you’re own personality!), in order to create an illustration of the journey of someone living by taking leaps in the world. You wouldn’t have to stick to your experieces, you wouldn’t have to stick to specific individuals; but, what you could do is enhance your experience and build upon it to reach the desired story of the leaps you have yet to take, of the dreams you wish you kept; write as if painting a picture on a canvass, what do you want your focus to be and what other parts of the canvass support/enhance the focus. Write about a journey perhaps you have yet to take with people you have yet to meet (personalities you’d want to meet and those you wouldn’t want to meet, they could be characters)…And maybe by writing about the most important things in your life, bringing them together on the pages of a book, maybe that will be yet another leap in your life and in your journey. Sorry, just some deep thought that I couldn’t necessarily get down the way I would have liked, but hopefully you kinda see what I’m trying to say! If you stepped outside of yourself, what kind of journey in this life would you want You to take? I think that would make and interesting story…But be sure to live not only on pages!

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