An Open Letter to America Post Election

Dear America,

Good job! Way to go with that whole election thing. I am really proud of you. But seriously, were you ever really considering electing McCain and that beauty pageant winner? No way! You are America! You can see through that kind of stuff. So, again. Good job. Now crack open some of that pale crap you call beer and give yourselves a pat on the back, you deserve it. Because now is when the real work starts America.

I know, I know. You are still feeling the rush of electing a black man as President. And you should feel good! It is about time we did a little something right for a change. We don’t need to look at the fact that most every other country in the entire world has had either a woman or a person of color as their leader. We try to fear first and ask questions a decade or two later. We are America! (we’re number 1! We’re number 1!) So what if we are a little behind on progress.

But listen up America. It can’t stop with Obama, and he really can’t do it alone. He needs your help. Heck, WE need your help.

America has a long way to go. I have been outside looking in and what I see kind of sucks a lot of the time. I know. How can I say that? Well, check it out.

– A lot of people in America still think building a wall to keep people from getting in is a good idea. Ask some people in China or Germany about walls. Melting pot? Nope. We are kidding ourselves America. We “say” that we want your tired masses yearning to breathe free, but what we really mean is – not in my back yard. Try to look beyond yourself America and see what FREEDOM is really all about. I know its hard, but I have faith in us!

– A lot of American’s still use the phrase “good family values”. This is a problem America. Why? It is exclusionary, which, I guess is a basic American principle these days. Good Family Values = christian, straight, pro military, SUV owning, dollar spending, 2.5 kid family. This idea of family values sucks, nation. We need to stop saying that and give the rest of the country a chance to feel the wind of freedom blowing through their hair. Yes, that means gays. Yes, that means Atheisits. Yes, that means single mothers or people who just don’t want to get married and have kids. It means people who look different, act different and think different than you do. Stop being so afraid of what you don’t know America – you might just be pleasantly surprised.

– A lot of America still thinks that war, guns and military power is the way. And hell, I’d be with you if this were a Rambo movie. But it is not. Our country has gotten totally out of control with killing, bombing and threatening. We say we are protecting ourselves – but from what exactly? WMD’s? Please. Oil. OIL. OIL. We are a greedy nation. We ask for what we want and then just take it. We make fun of people who are anti-war by calling them hippies or peace freaks. Sorry nation. But get a grip. STOP KILLING PEOPLE BOTH DIRECTLY AND INDIRECTLY. Maybe we can start by canceling Africa’s “so called” debt to us and for the first time HELP rather than harm. I promise America. You’ll dig it. It feels better than a massage with a happy ending.

– A lot of Americans are under the age of sixteen. I think we call them “children”. They seem to be a thing that we feel the need to “protect” and “nurture”. Really? Um, America? You need to fire your baby sitter cause your kids are out of control! Seriously! Like ready for Springer. I know, you are thinking. “well, not MY kids”. Yep. That’s the attitude that got us here. America? Our children can’t find Iraq on a map, but the military is recruiting them to go there anyway. Our kids know more about Youtube than about history. Our kids are in schools that are falling apart. Our kids are getting as fat and lazy as their parents and we have the fucking nerve to blame…anyone else. It’s OUR fault America. It’s our fault for valuing sports in school more than English. It’s OUR fault for selling them a cheeseburger and a coke for lunch EVERYDAY. It’s our fault that we have “Black History Month” – last time I checked Black history was integral to the story of America – not just a months worth of Dr. King and Rosa Parks.It’s OUR fault for allowing our hate to seep in and turn to disillusionment. Our youth is disenchanted because we made them that way.

So, you see my point country? We did a pretty cool thing in electing Obama, but it is time to get our lazy ass out of that Lay-Z Boy and get to work. We have to do more than go to the polls. We have to do more than vote for the candidate who promises change. WE actually have to change. We have to act. He’ll only be as good as a President as we force him to be. So lets get our asses in gear and fix this shit. i am tired of being laughed at. And you should be too. I know you can’t hear it from where you are, but if you turn down Dancing With the Stars long enough – you’ll hear it. But we can change.

Yes, we can.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to America Post Election

  1. hey girly. I like what you have to say, especially enjoyed the part where you mention the bullshit idea of “good family values”. You hit that one dead-on. Definitely inspirational material here!! Keep up the great writing 🙂And also… i wanna comment on your disney blog [which i will do in a sec] because i took a class on this very subject! [portland state university = crazy liberal school]

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