As most of you know, I turned 35 yesterday. THIRTY-FIVE. That’s kind of a big one in the scheme of birthdays. And, I have to admit that for the first time in my life, I was having a hard time with “getting older”. I should explain that a bit. It’s not that I am having a hard time with the actual aging thing – hell I still pass for twenty-five. It’s more the accomplishment thing. I mean, when I go back to the states to visit my friends – I feel like a kid visiting grown ups. My friends all have …very grown up lives and very grown up homes. Me? I am happy to have a few color books and crayons. Seriously.

What have I really done with my life?

I have been married – and divorced. I have lived in Europe for almost three years, and Mexico for a few months. I am well traveled. I have seen a LOT of films and I am able to discuss the in an intelligent manner. I have had great sex. I have gone to some cool music festivals and concerts. I have given away almost all of my possessions. I have shot a hand gun and a semi automatic. I have watched every Star Wars film in order from start to finish in one sitting. I know how to fix a toilet and I can drink whiskey or Absinthe with the best of them. I have been tattooed and I have been broken hearted. I have climbed Pikes Peak (twice), the Grand Canyon, gone rock climbing and white water rafting. I have sang with the LA Philharmonic and been hit on by Paulie Shore. I have met countless celebrities and been on TV. I have been to the Olympic games and I have been to the Rodeo. I have been skinny dipping in public and I have hopped on a train spur of the moment. I played on a baseball team, a Roller Derby team and I was a girl scout, a Brownie, a Bluebird and even a cub Scout. I have brewed my own beer and drank wine that costs more than a months rent. I have been in the audience for a game show and i have won a door prize and a lottery. I have been to NYC and seen a show on Broadway. I have sent a message in a bottle and I have been a good pen pal. I have eaten fish and chips in London and fresh out of the ocean shrimp in Mexico. I have taken a bus for over twelve hours and I have fallen in love. I have slept under the stars, seen a bear, and I have laughed until I cried. I have tiled a floor, built a garden and lived through a few car wrecks. I have been cheated on and I have cheated. I have broken a heart or two. I have lied. I have gambled in Vegas, gone to College and I have kissed the Blarney Stone. I have visited a concentration camp. I was a part of Hands Across America (not by choice…) I have been a waitress, a bartender, a teacher and a slave. I have ridden an elephant and a camel. And a Greyhound. I have left the driving to them. I have watched whales and birds. I have driven PCH alone. I have told my boss to shove it and I have been fired. I have kissed a girl. I have been on welfare.

Hmm…Not bad. So whats left? Well, if I tell you then I’d have to kill you. I’ll just say, I am not done traveling. I have yet to see Paris and Barcelona. And, I will write that book one of these days. But all in all – I think I have done a good job at the whole living thing in the past thirty five years. Sure I don’t own a car or a house or even a dog – but my life is MINE.

Auntie Mame said, “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.”

Yep, but not me.


3 thoughts on “35

  1. hope you had a great bday celebration on the day that marked your 35th year! i have to admit i giggled when i read that Paulie shore hit on you. was it a funny ha ha moment, or a creepy later to become funny ha ha moment?

  2. You should definitely get the chance to see Paris! Wonderul city, even though Parisians are not that nice. Barcelona, humm. I’d say there’s much talking about it but it’s not so special. Not my favorite place. But you should get your own experience of it. 😉

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