Sing out Louise!

You use your voice every day. You talk. You might sing in the shower. You may even yell at someone for stepping on your foot or pushing you into a wall. but you use you voice. It is part of who you are.

A few months ago, I noticed that mine had gone into hiding. Hibernation. I won’t go into detail but if my face is any reflection of me as a person, and my life then…zoinks! But, as things do – I am healing. Yeah, I fell off of a swing and landed on my face. SOBER.

During this time of spring and beer garden’s and friends – I have been keeping to myself. I am not trying to be anti social, but I was on a self imposed schedule. A long time ago I read an amazing book – Steven King On Writing – It was really helpful in me deciding that i really did want to be a writer. He gave really great advice: Read…A LOT! and write EVERY DAY. So that, my friends, is what i have been doing. Working at the bookstore has helped enormously with the reading. I have access to tons of books and I am burning through them, reading all types of books and styles of writing.

As for mister King’s second piece of advice – write every day – I have been. For the past couple of months I have been writing. A lot. I have begun to write poetry again. As I recall, I used to be pretty good at it. I had won some prizes back in my college days and had two pieces published. But I just stopped. Got lazy or defeated. So, I have been trying to find that voice again. I have also been working on a short story. And, much like the poetry, my voice took a sabbatical. It has not been easy. I have been writing this blog for so long that my style has really become honed – for a memoir. So, I have been working really hard to get back into fiction. And, I am almost done. I have two publications that I want to submit the story too once it is complete. If I can bear it, I will post it for you all to read. And, I have already submitted some of my poetry. I’ll keep you up to date on that also.

Now, some of you also know that I fancy myself a good singer. In fact, I get asked at least once a week why I am “wasting” myself singing Karaoke in Prague. “You should be on Broadway!” “I would buy your album if you had one.” And so forth. Well folks, I’ll tell ya. I moved from Prague once before and I came right back. I like it here. I had a lot of reasons for coming back not the least of wich was I really missed my karaoke gig at The Blind Eye. Yes. I am a dork, and I like Karaoke. I get called The Karaoke Queen often, and I don’t mind.

But, as with my writing, I do have some dreams attached to my voice. Not just my literary voice either – my god given Mezzo Sopranno. My belt. My pipes. You get it. As most of you know, I am from L.A., land of the hopeful waiters. That is one of the reasons I left. But, I do have more than a few contacts in the BIZ, and I have contacted them. Networking. Yep. In my isolation I have been attempting to put together a tiny little demo for myself. Next time I visit L.A. I am hoping to record a few songs. From there…? We’ll see. I have contacts here in Prague as well and maybe I can get myself some little gigs.

This is the first I have mentioned ANY of this to ANYONE. After my failure with NANoWRIMO, I decided to keep my goals on the down low. Most people are supportive, but sometimes you come across people that disrupt or disarm you, and I didn’t want to take that chance. The people closest to me had no idea. In hind sight I should have confided in someone. But, “…the benefit of hindsight and the clarity that accompanies misfortune and grief…”

So, that’s what I have been up too. I now ask for your support and help. It has come to my attention recently that I need to share more. So from now on, think of me as Gypsy Rose Lee, and feel free to tell me to use my voice – all of them – and yell as loud as you can


I’ll do my best to comply.


2 thoughts on “Sing out Louise!

  1. I so understand you about keeping your progresses quiet!
    I can say for myself that I too love writing (singing too but never had ambitions in his field and am not talented enough anyway). I write since … well since I can write actually. My diary over the years has turned into the size of a small but sizeable encyclopedia and my texts (stories, poems, song lyrics, “letters”,etc.) are lying around a bit everywhere in my room and among my stuff.
    I think people who like writing are curious people, people who question themselves, the world, the human kind, etc.
    I always had a lot of questions for everything but always got very few answers, so my imagination took the advantage at some point.
    Anyway, all that to say that I always seemed to other kids like the weird girl, who prefered staying alone hours with her notebook than go play the afternoon/go shopping/etc. with her friends. Kids didn’t get it. And still now, some of my “friends” don’t take me seriously when I confess that I write. And a few, a very supportive, some even keep me going on when I loose confidence in my work.
    Anyway, I think you’re right to do it if you like it and don’t have to care about others mainstream unimaginative judgement. Do what you like girl! You only have to get along with one person : yourself.

  2. shame that blind eye karaoke is the same time as poetry at the oak : (
    hope I get a chance to hear your work sometime, keep writing girl!

    xxx william

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