Sit On It

Friday night I was dancing with some friends at Blind Eye as I often do. I was happily bopping to the Billy Joel classic, “Only the Good Die Young” when I realized that I was alone in my boppage. My friends abandoned the dance floor and left me and Billy Joel to ourselves. Why? Because dancing to Billy Joel is just not cool. And then it hit me – I am completely un-cool. My idea of what is cool peaked with Arthur Fonzarelli and really hasn’t evolved since then. As far as I am concerned – you don’t mess with perfection. I mean honestly, what is cooler than a Harley, a leather jacket and omnipotent power over juke boxes and women?

So, I am un-cool. I am not a hip person. And I am alright with that. I think I just don’t know how to be cool. I couldn’t tell a Gucci from a Pucci. I mix up Radiohead and Coldplay because they sound the same to me. Kings of Leon? Nope. Don’t know them. I know the words to most ABBA songs. I love Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, The Brady Bunch and The Carpenter’s – always have, always will. I am not a snappy dresser. In fact my sense of style is undefined at best. I don’t like The Smiths, Kanye or NIN. I like to color in color books in my spare time and watch old black and white movies.I love singing karaoke and I have a sincere adoration for kittens a

nd unicorns.

But, what makes a person cool? Is it clothes? Attitude? Would The Fonz have been as cool if he dressed like Ritchie and Potsie? Is Radiohead cool because people find them to be talented or because of the times in which we live? I don’t know. I don’t have the answers. But, here is a visual list of stuff i find to be cool.

You don’t like it? That’s okay. In the words of the coolest guy ever – just sit on it.


2 thoughts on “Sit On It

  1. Alicia – Those “cool Nazis” are all chicken, afraid to stand out and identify with anything the crowd doesn’t go for. Hey, you got the whole dance floor all to yourself, how often does that happen?

  2. >sigh< I love Michael Landon but it is even more uncool than your appreciation for him because I was too young to see Little House - I had to watch it as reruns or late night specials on Michael Landon...the other little kids thought i was weird! cool schmool it’s too hard to keep up so just define it your own way & to hell with everyone else… …which is kinda what cool is all about!

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