An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

Hey! This is my first letter to you – I wrote your predecessor a few times, but he didn’t listen very well. Anyway, I am really happy that you are getting’ it done up there in the Ol’ White House. And, that’s kinda why I am writing. See, I keep reading articles that say public opinion of you has dropped, or that folks are not supporting you anymore. And I just wanted to let you know – you still got me.

One thing you need to realize about Americans is that we are fickle. Make that two things – we are fickle and we have very short memories. Take for example the US of A’s Love/Hate relationship with one Miss Britney Spears. (I know she is not of National Importance, but go with me here on this one.) When Brit Brit first broke on to the scene – we loved her. She was saucy, sexy and young – pretty much the USA recipe for “wooo!” Then, all of the sudden we decided that we hated her. She was a liar, a tramp, untalented…the list goes on. Then we decided that it was not her fault and we took pity on her and decided to give her another chance if she lost some weight and made another album. Britney did her part, and what did we do? We stabbed her in the back, this time because she didn’t wear shoes in a public restroom and had her kid on her lap while driving. I don’t know about you Mr. President, but my parents let me sit unseatbelted plenty of times when I was young. My point is – we are fickle. We love, but we love to hate more. Heck, we drove that poor girl to shave her head. I feel kinda bad about that.

And I think that this is where you are headed sir. Most of the country is scared of all the new and awesome changes you want to make. Don’t blame them though, they are just not used to someone being in charge and actually leading. And change is scary for some folks. Me? I have gotten kind of used to change, so don’t worry about me. Living in a foreign country will force you to adapt.

I think your new plan for health care is where you are running into some problems, and I am sorry. Because I think your plan is pretty freaking awesome. When I lived in America and actually had insurance – I was never able to use it because my co-pay was too high. That means I just giving about $100 bucks (or more) per month away to the horrible insurance companies. I think your plan to make drug companies and insurance companies accountable is great! And it’s about time! Universal Health Care is an idea who’s time has come, and I am glad you have the balls – Sir – to put it out there. You are just giving us more options, and I dig that about you.

I think the fact that you are a forward thinker who doesn’t let, um, “religion” cloud your vision is great. America has been pouring water into the sinking ship for years now, and wondering why it won’t float. You sir are pouring out the water. New energy ideas, new scientific research funding and so forth. I am really excited to see what happens. I just hope people let you get on with business. Because I know sir, that it is not just up to you. You have to convince a bunch of other people to get on board. Kind of like on America Idol – we all know Simon is right, but we have to let Paula talk anyway.

Well, that’s it for me sir. I hope you enjoyed this letter. And, next time you are in Prague, feel free to look me up if you need a place to crash.

Your Friend,


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