And the Douche Bag Award goes toooooo…

By now everyone has heard that Kanye West took his ego for a walk again recently. This time it was across little miss Taylor Swift’s MTV – Video Music Awards acceptance speech. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: I think Kanye West is a douche bag. I am not talking about his “music” here, I am talking about HIM – as a human being. This is not the first time the dude has let his mouth get him into trouble. He has raised a ruckus at the VMA’s, the Grammy’s and I believe he made some disturbing comments about former President Bush. Now, whether or not you agree with him is up to you, but the fact remains his actions are rude and disrespectful. And public.

When you – Joe or Jane Normal – decide to make a rude comment, or act disrespectfully, you know you will have consequences. And if you act rude in PUBLIC – say, tell off a waiter in a fancy restaurant – you might have even harsher consequences to deal with. That is the way the world works. As a society we have certain expectations: Be polite. Be nice. Signal when changing lanes. Don’t give your opinion unless asked. But it seems certain celebrities think these rules do not apply to them. Kanye is one of them. He seems to have surpassed “Big Ego” and ventured into the realm of “Bully”. My guess is that the only folks that were not offended by his outburst this time was the mega marketing machine known as MTV. (And subsequently Comedy Central and VH1 – all owned by Viacom) They will be able to get more tweens watching every time it is replayed, as well as get tons of millage out of the hilarious “Fish Dicks” episode that pokes fun at Kanye’s ego.

Now Kanye seems to be repenting (on T.V.) and wants to take time to reflect. I have to wonder if he would feel the same way if he hadn’t had gotten booed off the stage. My guess is not. And I bet we won’t be hearing the last from his ego either. What’s the old adage? There is no such thing as bad press… And the fact that I sit here writing about it when I should be mourning Patrick Swayze just proves it.


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