These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For…

I have always loved Star Wars. I saw the first one at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood when I was just a tiny thing, but I remember it. Watching Princess Leia and Luke swing across the vast cavern of the Death Star left one big impression. I had Star Wars figures, I ate C3P0’s Breakfast cereal, had R2D2 Underoos and I had a Chewbaca necklace. I was a fan. Still am. I can still make a pretty good Light Sabe noise.

It came down to the good guys (the Jedi) and the bad guys (um, everyone else – ex Jedi). The Jedi follow a doctrine and discipline regime that pretty much make them feel morally and well, overall superior to other folks in the Galaxy. Next time you watch Empire Strikes Back – listen to the way Luke, Yoda and the rest of the Jedi talk. You kinda want smack the smirk off ’em. I get why the Emperor gets so pissed. But you know the deal – the Jedi use the force for good and save the galaxy.

Enter the Jedi Church. Yep, you heard me – The JEDI CHURCH. Some 23 year old, uber dork in the UK actually went as far as to make a bonafide Religion out of it. I like Star Wars and all, but I think that this is taking your dork flag and waving it just a little too proudly. The Jedi faith now boasts 500,000 dorks – sorry, members. And now, like every other bonafide religion, they are screaming “INTOLERANCE”. This story basically says that the Jedi Church founder (of course it was the founder. Nice way to get some press!) Daniel Jones went into a Tesco store in full Jedi regalia and was asked to remove his hood. He said, it is against my religion. Tesco told the young Jedi that, Obi Wan, Yoda and others appeared in public without hoods and never crossed over to the dark side. Way to go Tesco. And, I am sorry, but there are TONS of examples where Jedi go hoodless. Most female Jedi are never seen wearing a hood. And, I have to wonder if these reported 500,000 worldwide members really adhere to that rule. I have yet to see a Jedi roaming the streets.

A store has a right to ask people not to wear a hood. It is really easy to steal with one of those on, and security can’t see who is underneath said hood. Makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is why the church founder, all of the sudden, is facing so called discrimination. I read through the Jedi website…and it costs money to join. Well, to get your name printed on a certificate making you and official dork – shit, sorry – Jedi. $20 Bucks and you too can holler discrimination.


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