I like Books Better Than I like Most People

Once a year I like to give a little round up of what I have read. It seems a lot of ya’ll appreciate some ideas of what to read, and I am a huge dork who likes to make lists. So…Here is this years list of what I have read. Enjoy!

*Darkmans – Nicola Barker: Um, yeah…a little tough to get through. Let me know if you managed to finish this one.
*Even Cowgirls Get the Blues – Read it about 4 times…love it every time

*The Portrait – Ian Pears: Strange little book about art and revenge and the art of revenge. It was alright.
*The Book of Laughter and Forgetting – Milan Kundera: Czech author – GREAT read. Love him.

*No Saints or Angels – Ivan Klima: Another Czech author. Depressing but VERY well writen. About family in Prague…and love and…well…read it.
*Snow Falling On Cedars – I liked this more than I thought I would. The story was less all mushy girl stuff and more – war is bad. Good read.
*The Beach – Loved it! Super fun read and WAY better than the movie. Great narrative voice. Good for anyone who likes to travel


*Sophie’s Choice – William Styron: AMAZING. One of the best books I have ever read. That being said, it was also very difficult. Not writing wise, but topic. Just incredible and horrifying.
*Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers: Cute. Being an English teacher added a little something as well. It tells about love and sadness and how it translates into any language. Very sweet and poetic.


*Glass Books of the Dream Eaters: Action packed from start to finish. Almost too many characters to keep up with, but a lot of fun.
*The Probable Future: I loved it. Typical Alice Hoffman – magic, love, tragidy. Fun book.

*The New Earth – Eckhart Tolle: 2nd time around with this one. READ THIS BOOK.
*This Side of Paradise – F. Scott Fitzgerald: Hi. Pretentious much? Ugh. HATED this. If you want to read about rich young kids and their problems go for it. I had no sympathy for anyone in this book.


*Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao: Just perfect. A really fresh new voice and characters you won’t forget.
*A Thousand Acres – Jane Smiley: WOW. Great book of family tragedy. Wonderfully written.
*Mosquito Coast: Great, but made me mad at the same time. I guess its good writing when you want to punch a fictional character in the face.


*If You Ask Me… – Libby Gellman-Waxner: Movie reviews from the fictional reviewer. Very funny.
*Innocent Traitor: For all of those Phillipa Gregory fans out there. This tells the story of the girl crowned Queen for 9 days and was the…done away with.
*Quiet Belief In Angels – R.J. Ellroy: Someone keeps murdering and dismembering little girls…for about 20 years. The story of how a young boy and a town deal with it. Great book.

*Saving Fish From Drowning – Amy Tan: I liked this book. It is a BIG departure from what Amy Tan usually does, but that was a good thing. It gives a really neat perspective on how Americans act and how we THINK we act.
*Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim – Sedaris: Totally funny, as usual.
*The Virgin’s Lover – Phillipa Gregory: Yawn. She dialed it in and I didn’t pick up. Snooze fest. Fans of hers should pass this one up.

*The Shadow of the Wind: GREAT murder Mystery set in Spain in the fifties. Really well done!
*pride and prejudice and zombies: WAY tooo much fun. Worth it just for the illustrations.
*Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant – Anne Tyler: Agian, family saga that is very well written.


*The Right Stuff – Wolfe: I might be the only person alive who didn’t really like this book. His wrting style gets in the way. I liked the movie better.
*The Constant Gardner – LeCarre” Thriller, murder mystery and love story. It was a fast and good read. I don’t usually read these types of books, but this was fun.


*The Hummingbird’s Daughter – Really beautiful. A lot of the story took place in the town I lived in while in Mexico. This book is full of culture, magic and beauty.
*My Sister, My Love – Joyce Carol Oates: A really different voice for her. She is one of my favorite authors and I really enjoyed the departure she took here. As usual though, the subject matter is dark, violent and disturbing.

So, there ya have it! i will be on to more “bloggy” blogs right quick. Don’t fret. I just wanted to get this out. A few of you had been asking… ENJOY!


2 thoughts on “I like Books Better Than I like Most People

  1. Hi!

    This is a bit strange, but I stumbled across your blog. I’m studying in Prague for the semester, and I was wondering what places, restaurants, cafes, etc. that you would recommend? I’ve been here for a month now, but I feel like there is still so much to see and someone who lives here would know the best places! I would appreciate anything you could tell me! Thanks so much!


  2. Hey! Welcome to Prague! By far my favorite activity is Karaoke at Blind Eye (in Zizkov) on Monday nights. Super fun, and lot’s of study abroad folks usually show up. It starts at 10pm, but doesn’t really get rolling til 11 or so…stop by! Good Czech food at “Hanging Coffee” way up near the castle…WAY UP! English language books available at Anagram in the center behind the Tyn Church. Hope this helps a little! 🙂

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