NaNoWriMo – Wrap Up

The Goal: To write (and complete) a novel (50,000 words or more) in 30 days.

I did not complete the goal. I guess, technically I failed. But, I don’t feel like a failure – not like I have the past 5 years. I wrote 35,000 words, not to shabby. My excuses? Well, I have a few, but I guess they don’t matter. Not really. The fact is, for whatever reasons, be they good or not, I did not complete the task I set for myself. But, I am still pretty proud of my accomplishment.

I learned that I can still write. I learned that there are stories inside of me that are scratching at the door, pounding to get out. That is a revelation. I learned that I am a fairly good writer. I learned that I have some great friends out there who want me to succeed. Most people i know were (are) very supportive of me and my writing. Sure, a few people laughed at what i was doing and thought the whole idea was stupid. A couple of people never understood why I would put myself through something like that and smiled when I had to throw in the towel. Some people are never happier than when someone else fails. But, I tried to do something on my own – and that’s more than most people ever do.

I think the real goal of NaNoWriMo was to push. I realized that I go through life pretty easy, never really forcing myself to be great and do great things. This forced me to think outside of the box, and made me think that I can do more. I can. I did. I have no excuses. You just sometimes need a push – a kick in the ass. I read a Craigslist post that kind of sums it up perfectly. A guy was looking to hire someone to be his arch enemy. He needed someone to push him and help him strive for more in his life – and I say do whatever it take to get er done.

So, thanks to all of you who supported me in this endeavor. You rock. And to all of you I say this: Go forward and find some really huge mountain (be it figurative or just a really big mountain, if that’s your thing) and go climb the fucker. Break free from your mold and reach beyond what you know you can do and DO SOMETHING BIGGER.


Just stop settling for normal. You can do better than that, I know you can.


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Wrap Up

  1. 35,000 words is nothing to sneeze at! Hey, you did great, and there's nothing to stop you from carrying on with those 35,000 words if you feel inspired to do so. Yes, you are definitely a writer with something to say, I can tell that from your posts. I didn't write a single word. My husband left me, that's been my excuse, but then again it was great material, too. I hope soon I'll be able to look at it like that.

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