Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

And yet another scandal to captivate Americans. This time, America’s Son Tiger Woods cheated on us…eh…I mean his wife.

To this i say a hefty SO WHAT!?

Sure, cheating is bad. We all agree on this. But is it really THAT bad? I remember the Clinton/Lewinski “scandal” and I felt the same way. People across the vast lands of America climbed upon their high horses, rode them to the tops of the Purple Mountains Majesty and proclaimed him a bad President because he cheated on Hillary. (who nobody liked anyway!) I am pretty sure that getting a hummer in the Oval office did not impair his ability to do his job. Probably quite the opposite.

And now, the same thing is happening to Tiger Woods. Gillette has dropped him from future ads because of his personal life. And I think that sucks.

What if someone held you to the same scrutiny? Could you withstand it? Be careful…

I will be perfectly honest here. I have been cheated on, and I have cheated. I guess I deserve to lose my job. I guess if that is all I was – “a cheater” – then maybe it would be deserved. But it’s not. I have fine morals – they might not be agreeable to you, but I don’t care. I am a good person, and I bet Tiger Woods is too. I don’t know him personally, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Pretty much all I know about the guy is from watching him on Oprah a few years ago. He is mixed race, he is stupid good at golf, ridiculously rich, he is married and has some rug rats and apparently he cheats on the Mrs.

The fact is he is an athlete – a great one – (from what I understand) and nothing more. We need to stop holding Athletes, actors, musicians, models and…who ever up to these super high standards and then waiting for them to fail. It’s not fair. And don’t give me that whole line about how much money he makes and how it’s all part of being famous. Bull Shit. Can you do what he does? How about Micheal Jordan or Kobe? I didn’t think so. These guys get paid because they worked hard and have a special talent that we don’t. You don’t like it? Then don’t buy the products they endorse. Don’t watch their games on T.V. But for goodness sake – don’t vilify them for being human.


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