10 Just Ain’t Enough…

I like to make lists. And I love movies. So, what follows is MY list of the best movies of 2009.

Something to keep in mind – I live in Prague, so I don’t get to see everything. I have watched some movies online, and others I have missed because I really want a good version. So, keep that in mind before you jump down my throat for not putting “Where The Wild Things Are” on my list. Okay? Here we go…

16. ‘JCVD‘ – That’s right, Jean Claude Van Damn, bitches. This is a sweet drama/action/comedy based on the real JCVD, but fictionalized. Just watch it.

15. ‘Drag Me to Hell‘ – Sam Raimi gets back to basics with this funny, and cool horror movie. Evil Dead fans, prepare to be happy. And, It’s nice to see a horror movie that’s not “Horror Porn”.

14. ‘The Cove‘ – The Documentary of the year. Exciting, moving and devastating. I love you Flipper.

13. ‘The Hangover’ – I’m sorry, but I laughed my ass off both times I watched this. A classic. And, who says comedy isn’t “real film making”?

12. ‘Bronson‘ – Based on the true story of the worst criminal ever. He bad. Not for the weak of heart, but the acting is amazing.

11. ‘Moon‘ – Didn’t see it, did ya? Sam Rockwell stars with himself doing his best homage to ‘Silent Running’ AWESOME.

10. ‘Sunshine Cleaning‘ – Bittersweet. And Alan Arkin. And lot’s of blood.

9. ‘A Serious Man‘ – The Cohen Brothers. Need I say more?

8. ‘Away We Go‘ – Wonder what other families are like? See this. See this just for Maggie Gyllenhaal.

7. ‘UP‘ – I laughed, I cried. I wanted a talking dog. ADVENTURE.

6. ‘Avatar‘ – I know, I know. Everyone says it’s awesome. Well, it is.

5. ‘Julie & Julia‘ – Meryl Streep. Need I say more? Okay, how about BUTTER. Pure magic.

4. ‘The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans‘ – Nick Cage redeems himself for ‘The Wickerman’.

3. ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox‘ – Wes Anderson did it again. Pitch perfect from start to finish. And, of course, a great soundtrack.

2. ‘Up in the Air‘ – Deserves every bit of hype it got.

1. ‘Inglourious Basterds‘ – Tarantino’s Masterpiece. Who knew Nazi hunting could be so much fun!? I still haven’t seen a version with English subtitles, and I am still proclaiming it the best movie I have seen all year.


One thought on “10 Just Ain’t Enough…

  1. Oh god I just saw Bad Lieutenant to commemorate a year since I left NOLA and that shit is HILARIOUS!!!! Great candidate for a Blind Eye movie night. I could definitely see a group of drunk people heckling and quoting it.

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