The Year We Make Contact

It seems that everyone with a blog must do an end of the year-New Year-What-Happened-What-I-am-Gonna-Do-Next-Year-Wrap-Up Type thing. And, looking back 2009 was (to quote Ol’Blue Eyes) a pretty good year. Or was it. Other than the Democrats taking back the white House with an historic election, all I can remember is a lot of death and destruction. Michael Jackson – the King of Pop, and arguably the most famous person in the world – died. As well as Farrah and The Swayze. Swine Flu hysteria hit. Tsunami’s and plane crashes killed thousands of people. North Korea let us know they still have nukes and they will test them when they want to. And Oprah quit! What the hell 2009? What’s with the doom and destruction? If the best thing you could manage to give us was ‘Twilight Mania’, then I say bring on the new year.

I recall celebrating last year with my friend Rob, and he said that 2009 would start off rocky, but end on an up note. And it was rocky. Personally, I had a tough year. I felt like I fought my way through most of it. I got fired. I had my work papers revoked. I had more than four jobs and that’s just the work side. But, I think my wise friend Rob was right – it is indeed the end of the year and things managed to fall in line. I just wish they would have thought about doing that a little earlier than December. But, hey…who am I to complain. I am here, in Prague LEGALLY. I have a great job, great friends and a fella that I am pretty much crazy about. I also (finally) have a new flat to call my own. No roommate hassles anymore.

So, what’s to look forward to in 2010? Well, I for one have some awesome plans. And by awesome I mean both ‘cool’ and daunting. First, like everyone does this time of year, I have had to take a look at my health. I am doing pretty damn good. I look about 10 years younger than I am (so I am told) and I am doing ‘alright’ where my weight is concerned. But I could be doing better. I will be 36 years old in a few weeks and I have to start thinking about the big picture. I don’t think people smoke in the big picture, at least not when they are old enough to know better and don’t have an actual addiction. I smoke about two times a week and I don’t really ever feel the need to smoke. My boyfreind (who is a fairly heavy smoker) asked me why I smoke if I have a choice not too. I don’t have a good answer so…I am gonna stop. Right after my Birthday.

I am also going to start eating (gulp) more vegetables. I hate vegetables, but if I want to continue looking and feeling hot – then I think I have to try and befriend broccoli and cauliflower. Dear lord, help me. I could stand to lose about 20lbs, and that ain’t gonna happen eating gummie bears and beer.

My BIGGEST plan for 2010 is musical in nature, and I am pretty jazzed about it. As most of you know, I like to sing. I sing once a week at karaoke and each week someone says the same thing to me: You have an amazing voice! Are you in a band? (no) Well, you should be.

And I should be. My friends keep telling me that they would come see me, and I know I would do well. The problem up until now has been that everyone I know who plays anything here already has a band or two. No one has time for me. And, I don’t play any instrument well enough to accompany myself. It was then that I decided to learn the guitar. I thought it was a perfect solution until I remembered that my hands are too small to make the chords (same with the piano). So, what’s a girl to do? Well, my fella sent me a YouTube video of one of my favorite songs – Rich Girl, by Hall and Oates – and it was sung by a girl playing THE UKULELE! It was a “lightbulb moment”. I wrote to my mom to see if she still has the one that we got in Hawaii 20 years ago, and she does! So, ladies and germs I am going to learn the ukuele and I am going to start having my own little shows here in Prague. Damn Straight.

Watch out 2010, cause I’m a comer.


2 thoughts on “The Year We Make Contact

  1. Excellent resolution! Here in Mexico I made a similar one, learning simple chords on the piano that my suddenly-soon-to-be-ex left behind (God help him if he tries to retrieve it now). But while I’m learning, I’m also practicing songs with backing tracks from this site: You can change the key to better suit your voice, choose a version with background voices or not, and customize. My only problem is the prices are in euros and I got sticker shock when my $13 purchase turned out to be $19.

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