"I’m better than you Because…"

If you are on Facebook – you have probably noticed that there are “Groups” to join for just about anything. You can join a group proclaiming your political affiliation (Barack and Michelle Obama, or the popular “How about we stop blaming Barack Obama for everything George Bush did?”), your taste in music (“Coldplay Sucks” or “Coldplay is the best band ever!”) or, as I have come to find, even lame personal habits (I turn my pillow over at night for the ‘cool’ side. – which boasts about 30,00 fans.) Weird. Since a pickle managed to get more “fans” than the band Nickleback, people have made “groups” for their personal preferences. I find this trend disturbing. It disturbs me in general that we (as a society) have the need to share EVERY like and dislike we have as publicly as possible, and that we feel the need to validate those likes and dislikes by the number of people who agree with us.

I recently got an “invite” to join a group called – “Curvy girls are better than skinny girls!” Not only did the group name offend me, but the fact that it exists at all was offensive. Didn’t we all learn in grade school not to compare apples to oranges? Didn’t we learn that both are really really good? Maybe I should make a group called “Short people are better than tall people!” How totally absurd.

I am not a “skinny” girl – not by a long shot. I am short, I have a large bust, ample hips and a big booty. That’s me. I am not about to proclaim that these things make me “better” than a woman who is tall and thin and has less boobs than I do. This kind of thinking is what makes women want plastic surgery, or start throwing up their lunch. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being thin, or big as long as you are healthy. And, while I am at it – let’s try to desist using terms like “plus size” or “curvy”. I hate when people use the term “Real women” as if chicks who are naturally slender are an alien life form, or made of synthetic materials. They are still REAL people – just like you and me. I don’t think we need to bash people different than us just to make ourselves feel pretty, do you?

I think its great that magazines like Elle (recently Polish Elle) and Glamour have been using models of different sizes. The problem is still that the magazine’s are still photoshopping the heck out of these models to make them all look the same. The most recent example is Glamour’ new cover. It is supposed to be celebrating women of all body types (hooray!) but unfortunately comes off looking like it is celebrating three thin, beautiful women. Take a look at some of the non photoshopped pictures and you get a very different picture. All three women are gorgeous, why did they feel the need to make them all look the same?

If WE ladies stop trying to one up eachother by putting down one another, we might finally get someplace. Skinny? Great! Chubby? Great! Just work it. And while your at it, let me work it too.

(A note: These pictures are of the SAME model at different weights)


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