What I’ve Learned

Way back in June of 2006, one of my first posts was called “I know nothing, but if I did…” It’s all about things I have learned so far in my life. As I re-read my list of what I know for sure, things I have learned I noticed that most of them are still true. That’s good. that means that I actually DID learn them and was not talking out of my ass. But, as I have been living in a foreign country for 4 years, I think I have a few things to add to that list.

1. Pack light.
2. Live light. Too much stuff is too much stuff. Live with more of what you need and less of what you WANT.
3. Balance is the key to EVERYTHING.
4. Loving someone means listening with your mouth shut.
5. I actually CAN live off of potatoes and gummie bears
6. I am a sucker for kindness.
7. You cannot lose 10 pounds just by WATCHING “The Biggest Loser”
8. A great deal of the people I went to high school with turned out EXACTLY like their parents.
9. If you have never LIVED in another country, another culture, then you have a very limited world view. This is why most of Europe laughs at Americans.
10. Prague is an amazing city. The Czech people are … interesting. I’m home.
11. Get the Visa. It’s worth the hassle.
12. I am pretty.
13. Dads are real important to little girls. Moms are too, but dads are different.
14. “Walk it off” applies to emotions as well.
15. You shouldn’t just ricochet through life.
16. If somebody loves you, LET THEM LOVE YOU.
17. Never drink 5 beers at the Prague Beer Festival.
18. Dance. Dance. Dance.
19. Being broke and happy is far better tha having money and being unhappy.
20. Don’t worry about things in the PAST. It’s OVER. MOVE ON. And don’t plan the future to much – you never know when you will find yourself in a new city and just decide to stay forever.


4 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned

  1. Great blog, lady…in particular, these spoke to me the most, at the moment:#1 – doing my best!#2 – 'cause I'm parting with a great deal of stuff these days…#4 – SO true!#9 – you're right! And I'll soon be doing so myself.#11 – it IS.#18 – always.#19 – am living it now and truly I believe it.WELL done!

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