Living in America – Part Five: There’s No Place Like Home

One thirty-six year old woman travels 6000 miles, seemingly back in time, to revisit family, friends and where she used to live.

You know, if you phrase anything like it is a stupid reality show it sounds entertaining. It just goes to show how much Wife Swap I have actually watched.  The fact of the matter is that is was entertaining. If it was happening to someone else. I won’t say that I didn’t have fun, because I did. I got to hang out with my best friend and see her awesome gaggle of little girls. I got to see friends that I don’t see very often, and that I am sure I would not see if I didn’t come to California. I got to go shopping, see my family, go to the Getty, go swimming, eat Mexican food, see some movies and watch way too much television.

I also had to put my cat to sleep. I had a sinus infection. I broke my foot. I was couch bound for three days. And…

I am homesick. This trip has made me realize how much I like my imperfect, strange, sometimes head-against-the-wall- difficult life in Prague. Sure my flat is TINY, but its mine. And, I think that I will move to a bigger space soon. I get to work four days a week with the most awesome little kids who only drive me crazy some of the time. I am poor, but I am getting a raise that will kick in next month. I am in love, and I live in Europe. Not too bad.

The perspective I have gained during my Reality Show vacation is invaluable. I was shocked into living a more healthy and active life when I get home after stepping on a scale for the first time in a few years. I had dabbled in working out, but for one reason or another I always had to stop. Well, the scale that read 30 pounds over what it should, confirmed what my sweet man had been trying to tell me: I need to loose weight. So? Done. I hear ya.

I also realized that I am so happy that I have not had T.V. for over six years. The television that I watch in Prague is on my computer and is far more limited than I even thought. I had NO idea how many shows were out there. There are literally hundreds of shows that I had never even heard of! Whew! I am just glad that the five or six shows that I watch are all. If I still lived here, I might well be a couch potato.

Everyone always asks me why I have stayed so long, and I guess the answer is this: I like it there. Yes, it is a pain in the ass sometimes. The Visa hassles alone are mind boggling – but totally worth it. If I hadn’t done it the right way, then I wouldn’t get the privilege of my cool life. And it is cool. I like my life. I don’t have to drive. I get to hang out with my friends and sing karaoke every week. I couldn’t live in a more beautiful city. I have an amazing guy who puts up with my quirks and annoying habits. I’m pretty happy.

So, Farewell Los Angeles, until next time. Whenever that may be…


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