We the people?

Can someone please explain this to me like I am a four year old? America is a country founded and based on freedom, correct? A rag tag bunch of colonialist fled the confines of Great Britain and crossed the Atlantic so they could practice their faith. Then in 1787, a bunch of white guys way smarter than me put together a list of rules for this new land. The Constitution with its Bill of Rights and other Amendments are supposed to help America and Americans keep their freedoms. So again, I ask you, can you please explain this to me like I am a four year old? What the hell is going on in America right now?!

I just finished watching the HBO Film about Dr. Kevorkian. (starring Al Pachino redeeming himself as an actor, finally) The entire time I was watching it, one thought kept running through my head: Damn. I am so glad I am not Catholic. I DO NOT understand, and I will NEVER understand, why one persons personal decisions have any bearing at all on someone else. If someone is dying and decides that they want to end their life – why should you care? And why should your reason be GOD? Why, if two gay people want to get married, is it any of your dammed business? And why is your reason for stopping them GOD? And why oh why, if a woman wants to terminate her own pregnancy in her OWN body is it any of your damn business? And why is your reason for telling her she can’t GOD?

For a country founded on the idea of freedom, we certainly do not tolerate it or grant it to just anyone. It seems in America you have the freedom to be a Christian. If you do not choose to exercise your right to be a christian, we will limit your other freedoms on grounds of fear. We will also use Christianity as an excuse to tell all Americans how to live. Sure, you can chose your religion – be it Muslim, Buddhist or Jew – but be warned, if you chose a religion other than christian we will use it against you. The christian god will be used to back any cause we see fit.

The Catholic church can abuse people, children and power all they want, but two men cannot marry each other? Does this make any fucking sense to anyone?

My frustration over this type of American attitude is growing into anger. How dare anyone shout Bible verses at someone for any reason. How dare someone tell another person that THEIR god hates them. It is against everything that America REALLY stands for. We are supposed to be a nation that accepts people from everywhere. We are supposed to be a melting pot of nations, colors and ideas. But right here in 2010, I just don’t see it. I am an embarrassed American when I see that my gay friends cannot get married. I am an embarrassed American when I hear people say “Go back where you came from! Build a fence!”. I am an embarrassed American when I see that women across country are being told they cannot have abortions because of someone else’s idea of god.

I want America to be what it promises – a place of freedom. That means building a mosque near the ground zero site in New York. That means not hating Muslims, or gays, or anyone else who’s religion or personal appearance happens to offend your delicate sensibilities. Let’s show the world that we are indeed a generous, accepting people – no matter what Sarah Palin says.


6 thoughts on “We the people?

  1. Alicia,Be careful of what you wish for on the Blogosphere – you might be granted your wish.I read your rant a couple of days ago, and I’ve bitten my tongue so many times, I now sound like a harmonica when I breathe. So I’ll respond (PER YOUR REQUEST) to your questions, as I would to an apparently spoiled four year old:The basic answer to all your questions in the previous rant is: BECAUSE!BECAUSE you are apparently a product of the US government school system, you have unfortunately been fed the pabulum that the US system calls “History” and as a victim of the system, have only a “Hallmark” understanding of the origins of your own county!BECAUSE those poor people who “fled religious persecution” in their home country were actually booted out of their homelands as “apostates, cultists, fantasists, nonconformist freaks, and generally not nice people” by the established religions of the time – to what was basically, a penal colony, where they would hopefully catch the pox and perish.BECAUSE when those “poor bastards” got here, THEY then proceeded to persecute anyone who was NOT their particular flavor of religion. Quite a few of the “original” colonies had their own purview for a very substantial time. It was a kind of NIMBY attitude towards different faiths. There was absolutely no “welcome sign” for Jew’s or Cat’licks for many a year. Religious persecution was common place through the early 20th Century. You might want to ask an Irish or Scots immigrant about their experience? How about reading a little about J. Smith and the Mormon travails? Don’t even think about the Chinese and other Orientals that initially were labour for the railroads! So, so much for religious freedom and acceptance eh? Religious tolerance is a fairly new experience here in the States, having evolved over the last 60 years! Kennedy almost lost the presidential race because he was Catholic. Hmmmmm? And it is still evolving.BECAUSE assimilation into a new country actually takes a couple of generations for a new ethnic group. Even in a “new” country it is human nature to seek out the comfortable and familiar, to balance out their daily struggles with work and learning the ways of a new society. That’s why one is able to walk the streets in Brooklyn and feel you are in a different country every couple of blocks! That is why China towns, Japan town, Little Italy’s, Greek town, and Little Havana’s exist – to provide a little familiarity in a strange setting. This “Birds of a Feather…” mentality initially sets the group apart from the mainstream populace, and makes it is easy to identify the sub-culture, but eventually these ghettos become destinations. Funny how food and holidays often signifies acceptance! What do you eat on St Patricks Day, or seek out on Cinco de Mayo, or look for a in great curry during dawali? Hmmm fancy a pad thai? Shall we order in a pizza or Chinese while football’s on? Or how about popping out for a kabab, falafel or a gyro? BECAUSE under the Constitution and Bill of Rights you luckily have, you’ve got the right to VOICE YOUR OPINION! It is called FREEDOM of SPEECH! This is NOT something to take lightly. ( just ask someone who lived in Prague in ’56, or more recently Tiananmen Square, Burma, or Bangkok). Ask your neighbors what it was like to be very careful of what was spoken either in public or even in private – and to whom you spoke to? (part 1)

  2. Wow. Um, Thanks Dan. And…well… I agree with you. Like I said – we are SUPPOSED to have freedom of religion in America, but that doesn't make it so. That doesn't keep some douche bag Preacher from wanting to burn important religious books. What I said was we are SUPPOSED TO have it and we don't so… yeah. agreed. And.. as for the rest of what you said… no clue where that all came from, but SING OUT LOUSIE. I am all for freedom of speech (obviously) so… yeah. Rock on. And thanks for the righteous compliments on my understanding of history. Oh, and Using"quotations" all the time makes it far "easier" for me to "understand" what you mean.

  3. Apologies Alicia..Your blog really hit a nerve with me and there would have been 4 more pages of BECAUSE, going through the rights we have in the US and comparisons to other modern day cultures/religions that surround you in Prague. The intention was to show you that change and acceptance does occur in this country – but is a VERY slow process. System/network problems hit when I went to post, and I did not realize this first section actually made it through -until I popped back in today to see what was new with you.. I had hoped to address your frustrations and embarrassments that you posted, but now I see that the totality of my response is actually an unwarranted rant on my part. Your post created a "how dare she!" moment, and resulted in an outpouring of prose that was more cathartic to me than informative to your readers. I have enjoyed your blog for quite a while, and again apologize for what appears to be random blathering on my part. If you would like the whole post, I would be happy to send it OFFLINE..Regards,Dan in NC

  4. “We the people” have the ability to change the foundation of our country at will, all we need to do is vote and then majority rules! The pendulum has already begun to swing as we’ve already removed the word “God” from the pledge of allegiance in public schools.

    Society has forgotten that the “Freedom” that our forefathers sought was from the taxation and control of England who falsely thought that “The New World” was filled with riches beyond their wildest dreams. When England continued to attempt to collect payment on a bad investment, the newly formed colonies drafted their “Declaration of Independence”. Shortly after, the “Bill of Rights” was based on Christianity, which is why we pledge under God, not Ala, Budda or some other wacky religion. Unfortunately, the laws that were passed hundreds of years ago have since been pulled out of context and are constantly being revised as per majority votes.

    I forget which specific “Conspiracy Theory” it is, but a recent clamor has been going around that Muslims are attempting to outnumber the worldwide population in hopes of squashing out all other religions. Some try to do this forcefully, hence we typically call them “Muslim Extremists”, but the majority of Muslims believe that they can do this peacefully over time by using the power of numbers in each nation across the world to slowly overturn each government. I’ll be sure to post the chart if I can find it, but I vaguely recall the projection of the overthrow to occur sometime around 2050 or so, and since I’ll likely be dead by then, I choose not to lose any sleep over it.

    Personally, I think there are a lot of advantages to the Muslim beliefs, such has having as many wives as I want (i.e. harem), but I don’t think it’s worth the trade to have all the hot chicks covered up in burkas!

    I don’t necessarily agree with many laws in this great nation, but collectively, they serve as a purpose and that is to protect our families in what their Christian beliefs were imposed by our forefathers. We do have the ability to make change, but be VERY careful for what you ask for as it will more than likely go far beyond what you intended!

    Ironically, I totally support gay marriage, but not for the reasons you think. I could careless what sexuality anyone is, that’s none of my business, so long as they’re good people then I’ll buy them a drink! The only reason why I want to see more folks getting married is so they pay more taxes, so really the jokes on them! Once you combine household incomes, you collectively put yourselves into a higher tax bracket… Doh!

    I can ramble on about all the stupid laws we have and how to fix our system, in fact I’d love to introduce “Billanomics” to you sometime so we can minimize taxes AND kill the deficit, but I digress from this thread.

    Just know that change is already occurring =)

    • Actually Bill, as I stated in the blog – the words “UNDER GOD” were not in the pledge of Allegiance until the 1950’s. It was added b/c of conservative christian politicians. Gross. And, the bill of rights has nothing to do with Christianity. It is a Bill of Rights that protects our FREEDOM to worship – where, who and when we want. I would HATE to be told I have to believe in a Christian God – that would suck. What makes America unique is that we “say” we have the right to chose – but only if you agree and are christian.

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