Ukulele Cover! By ME!

For those of you not able to share in my amateur ukulele playing, here is a clip of me singing “I don’t really love you anymore” by The Magnetic Fields. Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Ukulele Cover! By ME!

  1. Very good Alicia…Our daughter is just learning guitar and I told her it would be easier to travel with a Ukulele. Maybe she will look you up when she gets to Prague this Friday. Like you, she is a beautiful singer as well.

  2. I actually don’t. I would suggest grabbing a map and wandering around. The main parts of the city are pretty easy to navigate. I spent my first year here lost… but it was a great way to get to know the city. 🙂 There are TONS of tour places on the main Squares downtown if she wants to join a group.

  3. Tahnk you Alicia, she has been doing some wondering and has gotten lost and found. She has met a former American who works with a University there and is taking a group on a bus to Pesik (sp) so he invited her along for that. So she should get to know some folks from there and she gets aroom mate at the weeked, so she will probabaly venture out more often and longer if she has a buddy

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