Kids are great. People always like to say that whether they have kids or not. And for the most part they are. They are goofy little people who do and say funny things because they don’t know any better yet. Currently my job is to help thee little folks grow up to be functioning, responsible people who speak English. OK, I guess any preschool teacher’s real job is to yell “No running!” and to gently remind these lil ones that picking your nose is yucky. And also here in the Czech Republic, it is also my job to instill in them that licking your plate is not good, and either is peeing outside when you are not camping.

I am good with kids, great even. They like me, they listen to me and they respect me. I treat them the same I would anyone else: I am honest with them and let them make their own choices. For example if Filip is throwing toys at another kid and I ask him to stop and he says “No”, I give him choices. Either stop and say you are sorry, or you can sit in the time out chair. My boss likes us to lie to the parents and tell them that each kid is a little angel and never does anything wrong, and I can’t do that. I think if I had a kid who didn’t share and got violent when asked to do so, I would want to know. And some kids are sweet and cool and fun. Others? Others are jerks.

I don’t blame the kid for being a jerk, I blame the mom and dad who encourage and reward jerky behavior. Give a kid whatever they want when they want it? They are going to be spoiled kids. Kids who don’t share and kick and scream shouldn’t be given more things. I don’t know. It seems pretty simple to me. I had one parent pack a kid a special lunch everyday. Plain pasta – no sauce. I asked why and the mom said, “She gets upset and cries. I don’t want her to be mad at me.” Game point to the five year old. I think as a parent, or even an adult in charge of little people, you owe them a few things. You owe them honesty. Tell them WHY they need to eat the same food as every one else. You owe them protection from bad people and bad ideas. And last time i checked, teaching a child that the tools of manipulation WORK is not protecting them. And I think you owe kids gentleness and respect. Things that people forget to give even adults.


3 thoughts on “KIDS

  1. Manipulation and selfishness are very important skills/values have. Great manipulators and self centred bullies make great leaders, CEO’s, etc. Those kids are gonna go a long way (to being jerks).

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