Columbus Day

I am no fan of Columbus Day as a holiday. In fact, I am not a fan of National Holidays built around lies. I never really liked Thanksgiving for the same reason – it’s all bullshit. I assume that any thinking person already acknowledges that Mr. Columbus didn’t discover America. I guess as far as he was concerned he discovered it. The man had never been there, didn’t really know it existed and I am pretty sure he was lost. I think he managed to find the Bahamas before getting to America. But we Americans grow up thinking that he sailed the ocean blue and landed on some great property that was completely uninhabited. I never recall hearing about the people who lived there, or got there first – like Leif Ericson for example. I also never recall a teacher telling me that he and his men killed people there. But, no one brings up that fact on Thanksgiving either now do they. Nope, just pass the mashed potatoes please.

But, as much as I am not a fan of the holiday, I am also not a fan of people using it as a “cause”. I am so tired of causes! I was forwarded a video called: Reconsider Columbus Day by about six different people today. I watched it. And I was (of course) annoyed after. First, it starts out repeating the phrase “With all due respect…” which I hate because it is a polite way of saying the opposite. Then I am asked to “reconsider” the way I celebrate the holiday. I am told that it isn’t my fault and that I need to think about why I am celebrating the “crimes” of Columbus.

I got news for you – I don’t celebrate Columbus Day. I don’t know anyone who ever has celebrated Columbus Day. Nobody has Columbus parties and invites all of their friends over for a yearly interpretive dance about the discovering of America. Although now that I say it, that sounds pretty cool. But you know what I mean. We take the day off and sleep in, maybe go to an amusement park or something, but we don’t think for a second about Chris Columbus. Nope. Not for a second. Now people are defacing statues of the man and calling him a murderer and its just annoying.

I would be happy if the Government decided that it wanted to rename the Holiday. Fine by me, go for it. I’ll sign the petition and I’ll “LIKE” the Facebook page that says we should change it. But until that day, can we please stop whining and making it worse? I don’t see how defacing a statue makes you a stellar human being. I don’t see how yelling at strangers who go to a parade that you disapprove of really helps your cause. I think it makes you a huge horses ass. So, by my thinking if you don’t like the holiday – don’t celebrate it. Hell, take it a step further and show up for work that day! Yeah! I mean if you are REALLY against it, show them all by not even recognising it as a special day! I will respect the hell out of you while I am on Big Thunder Mountain.


2 thoughts on “Columbus Day

  1. My 10 year old said, “Why do we even celebrate Columbus day?! He didn’t even discover America, he just got lost!” This was said on the way to school. I guess it’s a step in the right direction, she didn’t have the day off and she knows the truth.

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