So I Want to Kill this Waitress

I love a good meal. It might be one of the reasons that I gained weight not so long ago. Okay, that and the gummy bears, but I do love to eat good food. It is one of the joys in my life, and as I get older I find it more difficult to compromise. If I am going out to eat, I want it to taste good. Period. That doesn’t mean “fancy” or “expensive” – it means good. Hell, some of the best meals I have eaten in my life have come from Taco stands or were cooked for me by friends. But when I go out, I hope and pray that the food is up to snuff. I am not a “Foodie”(I fucking hate that term and the pretension that it is dipped in) I just enjoy food.

I have written extensively about the problem with Czech customer service (if one can even call it that) but I had an experience this weekend that reminded me of just how much I enjoy eating, and just how little it takes to ruin a meal. A friend and I went to a popular little eatery in Zizkov called Cafe’ Pavlac. What follows is pretty much my own fault since A) The food there pretty much sucks and B)The service is awful. But, I went in knowing this and I did it with a hangover. Bad call.

My friend ordered her hot chocolate and soup, while I deliberated the menu as only a woman with no sleep and a hangover can. Five minutes later I stopped the waitress and told her I wanted a sandwich. A pork sandwich that was toasted. Thirty minutes later, still no sandwich. I am annoyed at this point and tell the “waitress” that I would like to cancel my sandwich. My friend was finished eating and it had been forever in restaurant time, so I was finished.

Now, Czech servers have no idea how to deal with people. I have been given food I didn’t order and been told that I must eat it and pay for it. It was my fault. I have been over charged and given no apology. I have been over charged and been forced to pay. Czechs don’t argue – they are just stubborn. They have a point and thats that. So, the waitress proceeds to tell me that I cannot cancel my order and that I must pay for it. I tell her – pay for what? I haven’t gotten any food. It has taken too long. She tells me I must pay and then runs to the kitchen where the sandwich magically appears. She had obviously forgotten about it. I am pretty sure I called her some very nasty names as I paid for the sandwich that I left on the table uneaten.

Like I said, I should have known better than to go into a place that I already found to be lacking in service and in taste. But I thought – just a coffee and a sandwich. Nope. Not only did it ruin my day, I am pretty sure my friend and that waitress were worse for the wear. I would have been better off having instant noodles and diet coke in my flat.

The saving grace of the day was my dinner. A good friend brought over some sushi and some yummy crispy chicken in a curry sauce. There were two kinds of spring rolls and there was a plethora of sauces to dip them in. It made me happy to smell the curry. And it made me almost forget about that damed stupid waitress.


2 thoughts on “So I Want to Kill this Waitress

  1. I've only had this spectacularly bad service on one occasion (screw you u Dvou Kocek!!), and on that occasion just walked out without paying. Chances are they are too lethargic to follow you, and gives you the advantage of potentially ruining their day too :-))

  2. Poor thing, that sucks! I would’ve walked out too, in fact I did that once after the hostess had seated us, the problem was, no waitress came to our table! After about 15 minutes, we simply stood up and walked out, not ever having our order taken. The irony was that the manager on duty gave us a smile and said “hope to see you again soon”, yeah buddy…right!

    Since then I’ve learned to ask for the manager a lot sooner and have on occasion been comped for a dessert or a coupon for a free meal on my next visit. I always try to identify the problem at hand, and then explain a solution to correct it so that that error doesn’t happen again and they usually are thankful for my suggestion, especially if I make it clear that I intend to be a repeat customer šŸ˜‰

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