Boo! 25 Best Movies for Halloween

Here is a list of what I consider to be the 25 BEST films to watch at this SPOOKY time of year. As always, I try to put together an original list, a list with some films that you haven’t seen, and I promise there will not be a “Nightmare on Elm Street” or a “The Ring” in the bunch. So, to all of my readers – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  1. Halloween – The best slasher film of all time. A classic and still scary.
  2. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown – He will come. He will!
  3. The House of the Devil – My favorite new horror movie. It has great pace, satanic rituals and lots of blood. It’s a throw back to the 70’s when horror was actually good and not Asian kids with creepy make up popping out of closets.
  4. House of Wax – I could have picked just about any of Mr. Prices great horror films, but this has always been my favorite. And I gotta say, Paris Hiltons death scene in the remake is pretty damned cool.
  5. Die! Die! My Darling! – OK. Not the best film ever, but MAN OH MAN do you get the best religious fanatic ever on screen. A Hammer classic and an all time favorite of mine.
  6. Rosemary’s Baby – No, I don’t have a thing for satanic cults, just for awesome movies. And this is one.
  7. April Fools Day – I know, not really a “Halloween” movie, but so much fun. And full of 1980’s sex and violence.
  8. Dawn of the Dead (both versions) – It’s rare that I’ll actually like a remake, but this is an exception. But, always, always Romero.
  9. Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Duh. It doesn’t get fucking creepier than this movie. Seriously. the music alone. Too much fun! And, don’t bother with the remake.
  10. The Descent – Everything works here. Bad ass chicks. Bad situations. And… well, just watch it.
  11. Dead Alive – And you though your mom was crazy…
  12. The Exorcist – Back when making little kids scary was new, and actually scary.
  13. The Thing – Still one of the scariest movies of all time.
  14. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Thanks for being born Tim Burton.
  15. Fright Night – My favorite vampire movie of the 80’s. Still awesome. I hear they are remaking this and I am not pleased.
  16. Drag Me to Hell – Putting Army of Darkness on this list was just too easy, so watch this fun and cool movie by Sam Rami.
  17. Freaks – If you haven’t seen this, um, sorry.
  18. Blue Velvet – I made a friend of mine watch this one Halloween. I think she’s still mad at me.
  19. Pan’s Labyrinth – How freaking cool is this movie!? Awesome monsters, smart characters and a bad guy who is human.
  20. Near Dark – Best Vampire movie ever. EVER. And please note that the director is the same woman who directed The Hurt Locker.
  21. An American Werewolf in London – The Nazi Muppet scene alone.
  22. Wicker Man – Another movie with slow, great pacing and an ending that is more famous than the 6th sense.
  23. The Sixth Sense – I’m still not telling.
  24. The Shining – Here’s Johnny!
  25. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Halloween just wouldn’t be complete with out a little Tim Curry in drag. Y U M.

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